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Custom Lampshade Trims

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We love creating custom designed lampshades for any project. From silks, linens, cottons, and handmade paper finishes in your choice of colors, we have quite the selection! But one thing we wanted to talk specifically about is lampshade trim. A custom-selected lampshade trim can help integrate your lamp into a specific room design, and also give your lamp a bit more personality. We have hundreds of options to choose from to really make a lamp that’s perfect for your room.

The lampshade below features a lovely blue ribbon trim.


Below is a beautiful multi-color cord trim.


We have many different cord, ribbon and beaded options – as well as many other very unique lampshade trims. The options are truly endless, and we can find a trim that works for the aesthetic and mood your room requires. Stop by our store to browse through our selection! Below are a few of our favorite trims we’re loving.

clas_6916-31 clas_6916-32 clas_6916-30 clas_6916-33