How to Measure a Lampshade

How to Measure A Lampshade

Whether you are ordering a replacement lampshade or designing a custom lampshade, knowing the dimensions or measurements of the lampshade you need is critical to identifying the correct lampshade for your lamp.

Lampshade Measuring Basics

Lampshade measurements require between 4-6 measurements depending on the lampshade shape (see example below):

How To Measure a Lampshade

How To Measure a Lampshade Based on Its Shape

How To Measure a Cone Lampshade

How To Measure a Hexagon Lampshade

How To Measure a Rectangular Lampshade

How To Measure an Oval Lampshade

How To Measure a Square Lampshade

How To Measure a Drum Lampshade


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Lampshade Measurement Tip

For each measurement, you take, make sure you are measuring rim-to-rim or point-to-point.  For the width across the top and bottom of the lampshade, your ruler or measuring tape should pass through the center of the lampshade to ensure the maximum measurement is taken.