Buy or Repair a Lampshade?

Any lampshade can be re-made or replaced in either a hardback lampshade or silk lampshade regardless if it's, simple or ornate.  But when should you repair a lampshade?

When an exact match isn't critical buying often makes more sense from a cost perspective than repairing.  But when you want to match another lampshade(s) or the shade has sentimental value repairing a lampshade will make more sense.

When To Replace a Lampshade

Assuming there is no sentimental attachment to your lampshade, it is generally much less expensive to buy a new lampshade, even when you specify your fabric and trims.

Common Reasons To Replace A Lampshade

  • Looking for a different style or color
  • You're not trying to match with another lamp
  • Cost savings
  • Matching exact dimensions is not critical
  • Want a different style, shape or size
  • Underlying frame is damaged and can not be repaired 

When to Repair a Lampshade

Repairing an existing lampshade is a process that requires time and labor which does make it a more expensive alternative.  If you request a repair quote from us, we will always research to see is we can easily replicate your lampshade style at a lower cost than repair.

Common Reasons to Repair a Lampshade

  • Match an existing lampshade
  • Special kind of pleating or treatment on a shade that can't be bought today
  • Sentimental attachment to a shade, such as a Waterford label
  • Can’t match original dimensions or shape, common with older bell styles

Are you interested in repairing a lampshade?  Get a free quote to repair your lampshade.

Still aren't sure if you should buy or replace your lampshade?

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