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Crystal vs. Glassblown Lamps

Crystal is a timeless material and has been a commodity in the interior space for hundreds – if not thousands! – of years but this colorless and transparent material is quickly taking center stage in the design world because of its natural feel.

This October we saw famed jeweler James de Givenchy transform vintage Baccarat vases into breathtaking crystal lamps as part of a new Heritage collection. These lamps are stunning and can bring such a clean, sophisticated look to any room. But crystal, of course, comes with a price tag so you’ll be looking at more than $1,000 for one of these lamps.


While crystal has an almost regal feel to it, glassblown lamps are more accessible – and affordable – and I think they are simply fabulous, especially those from designer Simon Pearce. These sleek, elegant lamps are made in New England and can really be applied in any room – all you need to do is find the right shade for your look and feel!