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Introducing the Limited Edition “2013 World Series Champion Red Sox” Table Lamp

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To help celebrate the victorious 2013 World Champion Red Sox, we introduce the 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox Table Lamp!


On October 30, the Boston Red Sox won their fourth and final game against the St. Louis Cardinals, champions of the National League.  What a game…. What a series!!  What better way to celebrate the victory and relish the memory day after day, than with the limited edition 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox Table Lamp.

This special edition of the Red Sox Baseball Table Lamp designed and made at our shop in Concord, is constructed with three stacked major league baseballs; the baseball on top features the Red Soxlogo; the middle baseball is the limited edition 2013 World Series Champion ball with the Red Sox logo, and the third baseball features the St. Louis Cardinals logo.


The base of the lamp is milled in the shape of home plate and made using ash (available in either painted white or clear ash).  Ash is the wood used to make many of the major league bats.


The lamp shade features original artwork, by a local artist, Jack Skinner of a game at Fenway Park between the Red Sox and the “evil empire” (aka the Yankees). In this game, the score board in left field shows the Red Sox leading 9-0, and the “empire” has one error!  Wally is in the left field stands, your favorite icons are in their proper places in and around the park, and the fans sitting in the back of the stadium are wearing Red Sox team jerseys from recent teams, including the series MVP, Big Papi, David Ortiz.

But, perhaps the most unique feature of the lamp is to watch the game change from a day game to a night game;  when the light is off, a day game is being played, but when the light is turned on…. you are watching a night game!  The moon and the stars come out, the stadium lights come on, Wally lights up as does the field, the Red Sox Hall of Fame, and you can see #1 Sox light up in the window of one of the Boston skyscrapers!

An extra and special finishing touch to the lamp is a baseball finial – either a single baseball, or a baseball safe inside a miniature catcher’s mitt.  The lamp is shipped with a small brass, non-decorative finial.  Many people chose, however, a finial at the top of the lamp to mimic the logo baseballs on the stem of the lamp.

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We have only a limited number of these special edition lamps. To purchase your lamp, call our store 978.369.3000, and we will slide one into your home – or the home(s) of one of your special RedSox fans.