Lampshades by Shape

We carry 10,000’s of lampshades in all sorts of shapes, colors, and materials or fabrics.  From squares to rectangles, to hexagons and drums – we “have you covered” in all of the basic lampshade shapes.  Once you select your shape, then you can choose from a variety of lampshade styles from within that general shape.  For example, if you want a square lampshade, you can choose between a sharp corner square, a cut corner square, a square drum, and many more.

We have 5 simple steps to help you select the lampshade you are looking for.  Before we can show you the lampshade shapes we offer, we need to know which lampshade type (hardback or silk) you are looking for.

Select your Lampshade Type

There are two major types of lampshades - Hardback and Softback / Silk.  Please select the type that best fits your lamp shade needs below.


Lampshades that have a hard or plastic backing on the inside of the lampshade

Lampshades made from a variety of fabrics and lined on the inside with a silk fabric

Aren't Sure Which Type Is Appropriate?

We get it, most people don't think about lampshades as much as we do. We are here to help!  Give us a call to discuss your situation (978)369-3000 and we can help.