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Learning about Lamp Harps

Harps are a critical piece of hardware for fitting a lampshade to a lamp; select the right size harp and the shade will fit the lamp perfectly;  too tall a harp and the socket is exposed; too short a harp, and the top part of the lamp is hidden. So…. What is a harp?!

Harps are flexible, often U-shaped parts that fit over a lamp’s light bulb, simultaneously protecting the bulb and providing the support or attachment piece for the lampshade.  Most often, a harp’s base – the harp saddle – is attached to the lamp beneath the socket. The harp’s flexible arms are then mounted inside the saddle, the small caps on either side are slid down over the sides of the harp saddle, completing a rigid loop upon which shades, finials, and other decorative pieces can be mounted.

Lamp Harp

Harps are available in either regular or heavy duty weights. Our regular harps, which are available with either nickel or brass-plating, range in size from 4” to 15”, while our heavy duty harps, which are also available in nickel and brass plating, come in sizes from 7” and 15”.


Another harp style is the harp designed to fit inside the lip of a metal harp cup.  Cup harps typically measure between 6” and 9”.


Remember though – first we select the ideal replacement lampshade for the lamp and then we select the harp size that will cause the lampshade to sit at the correct level on the lamp.