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Light Up the 2013 Patriots Season with New Patriots Football Table Lamp

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We New England football fans are spoiled – we have been able to watch one of the best NFL teams in the country for over 20 years.   The 2013 football season is already half way over and the Patriots are once again off to a strong start with a 7 and 2 record…with a promise of the best to come!   And now you can celebrate the team, the season and the success with the New Patriots Football Table Lamp.

The Patriots Football Table Lamp was designed with the Patriots players and fans in mind…. It is big, it is colorful, it has presence, and it is soooo special!!!  Designed and manufactured at our shop in Concord, it features a Patriots logo football and a unique lampshade of a game between the Pats and their NY rival!

Image 1 PFL

The base of the lamp is a rectangular piece of wood, cut to the same proportion as the playing football field.  The wood is covered with astro turf, and is completed with a white line marker, a kicking tee and a Patriots logo football.

Image 2 PFL-Lamp

The lampshade is also rectangular and features original artwork, by our local artist, Jack Skinner, of a game at Gillette Stadium between the Pats and the Jets.  In this game, the score board shows the Pats leading 31-0.  Pat Patriot is in the corner of the stadium, your favorite icons are in their proper places around the stadium, and the fans sitting in the back of the stadium are wearing Patriots team jerseys from their most favorite Patriots players – past and present.

Image 3 PFL-Shade

But, the most unique feature of the lamp is to watch the game change from a day game to a night game; when the light is off, the Patriots are playing a day game.  But, when the light is turned on….. you are  watching the Pats play a night game!  The moon and the stars awaken, the stadium lights come on, the field and the goal posts light up, as does the light in the lighthouse, the scoreboard and the megatrons.

An extra and special touch to the lamp is a football finial.  The lamp is shipped with a small brass, non-decorative final.  However, many people chose a final at the top of the lamp to mimic the logo football.

Either way – it is a special lamp and one you and your Pats fans (of all ages) will enjoy for many years.   To get your lamp, go to our website, to order, or call the store 978.369.3000, and we will slide one into your home!