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New at Our Shop: Hand-Painted Portuguese Pottery Lamps


A couple of months ago I shipped off to Portugal for a much needed vacation. Portugal is a beautiful country filled with incredible history, delicious food and a culture that’s unlike any other. Now, I did get a lot of relaxation in, but I also did “some” work. I was able to visit a Portuguese pottery factory and see first-hand how these gorgeous pieces of pottery are made. The process is intricate, and each piece is hand painted. The hand painting alone was a sight to see! I’m excited to share that I have curated a collection of these hand-painted Portuguese pottery pieces and transformed them into beautiful Portuguese pottery lamps. I have a small collection of these in the store. Check out the photos, or even better, stop by and check them out!

CLAS_91715-7 CLAS_91715-8 CLAS_91715-10 CLAS_91715-12 CLAS_91715-14 CLAS_91715-15