Chipped Oval Silk Bell Lampshades – Blue Embroidered Stone



measure-a-lampThe Chipped Oval Silk Bell lampshade is a closed circular form in which the width of the lampshade is greater than the depth of the lampshade. While the Oval Silk Bell lampshade is a classic style, the Chipped Oval Silk offers a modern twist to the classic. While oval in shape, nevertheless, the ends of the chipped oval are straight or flat, whereas the longer sides of the shade maintain the curve of the “oval” lampshade. The top diameter of the Chipped Oval Silk Bell lampshade is about 2/3’s the diameter of the bottom of the lampshade, resulting in a gentle flare of bell from the top to the bottom of the lampshade. The Chipped Oval Silk Bell lampshade is an interesting selection for a modern or contemporary oval shaped lamp base, and it may also be a great solution for a lamp set in a tight space – for example on a buffet or a dresser.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
8″ (4″ x 5.5″) (6.25″ x 8″) 6.5″ WA
10″ (5″ x 6.5″) (8.5″ x 10″) 7.5″ WA
12″ (6.25″ x 8″) (9.5″ x 12″) 8.5″ WA
14″ (8.25″ x 10″) (11.5″ x 14″) 9.5″ WA
16″ (10.25″ x 12″) (13.5″ x 16″) 10.5″ WA