Fancy OutScallop Oval Bell Silk Lampshades with a Gallery – Butter Heavy Pongee Silk



measure-a-lamp The Fancy Outscallop Oval Silk Bell Lampshade with a Gallery, combines the elements of an oval, a Silk Bell, Outscallops and a gallery. Wider than it is deep (front to back), the Fancy Outscallop Oval Bell Silk lampshade has a relatively small, round opening at the top of the lampshade, gracefully opening to the bottom of the oval lampshade, and adorned with outscallops on the wider and larger panels in the front and the back of the lampshade. The Gallery is a 1″ vertical design element at the bottom of the lampshade that conforms to the shape of the lampshade at the bottom of the shade. Typically used in a more formal and traditional decor, the Fancy Outscallop Oval Bell Silk lampshade is a perfect complement to an oval shaped lamp base – particularly when the base offers the same “outscallop” feature, or when the lamp is placed in a tight space.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
12″ (4.5″ x 6″) (10″ x 12″) 10″ WA
14″ (5″ x 6.5″) (12″ x 14″) 12″ WA
16″ (5.5″ x 7″) (13″ x 16″) 13″ WA
18″ (6″ x 8″) (14″ x 18″) 14″ WA