Oval Silk Bell Lampshades with a Gallery – Egg Heavy Pongee Silk



measure-a-lampThe Oval Silk Bell lampshade with a Gallery is a formal twist on the traditional Oval Silk Bell lampshade. The Silk Oval Bell is a closed circular form in which the width of the lampshade is greater than the depth of the lampshade; further the oval bell is designed with a gentle curve from the top of the lampshade to the bottom of the lampshade. A Gallery is a vertical design element added to the bottom of the lampshade which conforms to the shape of the bottom of the lampshade. The Gallery on the Oval Silk Bell lampshade is 2″ in height and can be made with either the same fabric as the body of the lampshade or can be constructed using a different fabric, a different treatment (eg., a pleat) or a decorative trim. The Oval Bell Silk Lampshade with a Gallery combines the elements of the oval lampshade with the flare of a bell lampshade, and adds the gallery as the final design element. The opening at the top of the lampshade is about 1/2 the size of the opening at the bottom of the lampshade, creating a gentle flare, or “bell” from the top to bottom of the lampshade. An Oval Silk Bell Lampshade with a Gallery is a perfect complement to a lamp in a traditional setting which has an oval shape, or to adorn a lamp in a tight space.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
10″ (4″ x 6″) (7″ x 10″) 8″ WA
12″ (4″ x 7″) (8″ x 12″) 9″ WA
14″ (4″ x 8″) (10″ x 14″) 10″ WA
16″ (5″ x 8″) (11″ x 16″) 11″ WA
18″ (6″ x 8″) (12″ x 18″) 12″ WA
20″ (8″ x 11″) (14″ x 20″) 15″ WA