Relining a Lampshade & Recovering a Lampshade

Restore any lampshade with a new fabric of your choice. We can reline, recover, or retrim your lampshade to make it look new again including lampshade repairs such as retaping, and reseaming.

Silk Lampshade Relining

If the outside fabric of your silk lampshade is intact and not stained or damaged, but the inside lining is tearing due to heat buildup or an accident, the lampshade can be re-lined. The relining process requires removing the inside lining, partially detaching the outside fabric from the frame, applying a new lining, and then rebuilding the lampshade.

Silk Lampshade Recovering 

If the outside fabric of your silk lampshade is damaged, the lampshade can be recovered, replacing both the outside fabric and the inside lining. The work would include deconstructing your frame, re-habbing the frame, creating new patterns for both the inside and the outside, prepping and cutting the fabrics, and then the actual work of covering the inside and outside of the frame and adding trim – all of which is done by hand.

Hardback Lampshade Recovering 

We have the ability to remake your hardback lampshade by reusing the rings from the original lampshade.  Another common repair we make is re-attaching the top or bottom ring wires on a hardback lampshade.  We can match the color(s) of the tape used to hold the rings in place. Hardback lampshades whose plastic lining has cracked and broken off, or dented, cannot be repaired, but instead would require a replacement shade.  

For estimates on the cost of our lampshade services get a free lampshade repair quote with our recommendations.