Custom Designed Lampshades

Concord Lamp and Shade works with designers and artisans from around the country to create unique custom designed lampshades for both individual and commercial applications. Our custom designs include both hardback and silk lampshades.  We start with the frame shape (round, square, etc.) and size, and from there move to fabric selection, optional pleating, and decorative trims.  

We can make lampshades out of a number of materials that either are provided to us (customer own material) or we provide as we offer a wide range of fabrics including silks, linens, cottons, handmade paper, or faux finishes, in your choice of colors.

  • Custom-made lampshades of all types.
  • Create a lampshade with any chart, map, or print you choose.
  • Trims to complement the colors in your lamp or room décor
  • A wide range of Lampshade pleating options

Custom Lampshade Components

Common Lampshade Materials

  • Fabrics such as Cotton, Gingham, Jersey, Leather, Linen, Polyester, Satin, Silk, Suede, Tweed, Twill, Velvet.  Fabric can be specially paired with the design of your room in color, texture and style, and we can also use a fabric that you have already used to make curtains or pillows, or the fabric used to cover couches and chairs.
  • Paper from thin stock to heavy card stock.  Paper from thin stock to heavy card stock. Paper can be colored, drawn on or stenciled or pierced. We can also use paper maps and charts as well as photographs.

Don’t see a material listed above and wondering if it will work?  Give us a call 978.369.3000 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Lampshade Enhancements

The shade may be pleated, and we have the capability of a wide range of pleats – from relatively simple mushroom pleats to box pleats, side pleats, and smocking.  Examples of lampshade pleats we can work with.

The finishing touch may be a decorative trim – either one from our lines of Samuel and Sons or Brimar trims, or a trim offered by the customer. If you are unsure of what trim you might want to use, we can provide some options for consideration. We have a wide range to work with. Examples of lampshade trims we can work with. 

we work with all kinds of frame finish styles and colors.  Just let us know what you’d like.

fitters are the way the lampshade connected to the rest of the lighting fixture.  This can be direct to the fixture or the bulb itself. Examples of lampshade fitters we can work with.

Custom Lampshade Gallery

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We can create a single custom-designed lampshade and fulfill dozens of complex shade orders.  If you prefer to speak with us please give us a call to discuss your situation (978)369-3000. We are hear to help.

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