Pavillion Rectangle Hardback Lampshade

Hardback Pavilion Rectangle Lampshades



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The pavilion rectangle lampshade offers a modern twist to a drum rectangle. Both the drum rectangle and the pavilion rectangle are designed with same sized openings at the top and bottom of the lampshades. The difference between the pavilion and the drum rectangle is that each side of the pavilion rectangle is gently curved out, whereas the drum rectangle has straight sides. The pavilion lampshade can be used on any lamp – table or floor – that calls for a rectangle. The choice of the pavilion rectangle can give the lamp a modern, crisp look.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
12″ (8.5″ x 12″) (8.5″ x 12″) 9″ WA
14″ (10″ x 14″) (10″ x 14″) 10″ WA
16″ (12.5″ x 16″) (12.5″ x 16″) 11″ WA
18″ (14″ x 18″) (14″ x 18″) 12″ WA
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