British Silk Bell Lampshades

British Silk Bell Lampshades



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How to Measure a Cone Lampshade

The British Silk Bell lampshade is a modern variation on the traditional Silk Bell lampshades. The British Silk Bell lampshade has a much larger opening at the top of the lampshade, and is slightly shorter than the standard silk bell lampshade; the result is a very modest bell or flare from the top to the bottom of the lampshade. Given the profile of the British Silk Bell lampshade, we have found that it can serve as a preferred alternative to a straight drum for those customers wanting to “modernize” the look of their lamp / shade combination, but not wanting the “retro-drum” look. The British silk bell lampshade is an excellent choice for a lamp – table or floor lamp – that exhibits a larger, bulkier profile, and a modest curve.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
10″ 7″ 10″ 8″ WA
12″ 8″ 12″ 9″ WA
14″ 9″ 14″ 10″ WA
16″ 10″ 16″ 11″ WA
18″ 11″ 18″ 12″ WA
20″ 12″ 20″ 13″ WA
22″ 13″ 22″ 14″ WA
24″ 14″ 24″ 15″ WA
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