Scalloped J-Bell Silk Lampshade

Scalloped J-Bell Silk Lampshades



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How to Measure a Cone Lampshade

The Scalloped J-Bell Silk Lampshade – sometimes referred to as the “stove-pipe” silk lampshade is an exaggerated version of the traditional silk bell. The top diameter of the J-bell lampshade is generally ½ of the diameter of the bottom of the lampshade, but the frame is built such that the flare, or bell, starts at a lower point making for a more dramatic statement. This particular J-Bell lampshade is designed with scallops just at the bottom of the lampshade; both the top of the lampshade and the bottom of the lampshade can be trimmed with a decorative gimp or other trim. We see the J-Bell lampshade can be an excellent choice for a “period” lamp.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
9″ 4″ 9″ 8″ CL
12″ 6″ 12″ 10″ WA
14″ 7″ 14″ 12″ WA
16″ 8″ 16″ 12.5″ WA
18″ 9″ 18″ 13.5″ WA
20″ 10″ 20″ 14″ WA
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