Inverted Corner Empire Silk Lampshade

Inverted Corner Empire Silk Lampshades



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How to Measure a Cone Lampshade

The Inverted Corner Silk Empire lampshade is a round lampshade modified with 4 “rounded” or, “soft square” elements. The design of the Inverted Corner Silk Empire is made by creating 4 equi-distant, inverted scallops along the bottom of the classic Silk Empire lampshade. The top diameter of the inverted corner empire lampshade is a little less than ½ of the diameter of the bottom of the lampshade, and the shade is generally the same length as it’s Silk Empire counterpart. Further, like the empire lampshade, the inverted corner empire exhibits a straight line from the top of the lampshade to the bottom of the shade. The Inverted Corner Silk Empire lampshade can be used on a wide variety of table and floor lamp. We often think of using the Inverted Corner Silk Empire lampshade as an interesting alternative to the Silk Empire – many of the same design elements without sacrificing the straight lines of the Silk Empire lampshade.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
8″ 4.5″ 8″ 7.5″ WA
10″ 5″ 10″ 8.5″ WA
12″ 5.5″ 12″ 9.5″ WA
14″ 6″ 14″ 10.5″ WA
16″ 7″ 16″ 12″ WA
18″ 8″ 18″ 13″ WA
20″ 9″ 20″ 14″ WA
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