Deep Octagon Silk Bell Lampshade

Deep Octagon Silk Bell Lampshades



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The Deep Octagon Silk Bell lampshade is a variation on one of the classic lampshade styles – the Hexagon Silk Bell lampshade. Unlike the Hexagon Silk Bell, which has six equal sides, the Deep Octagon Silk Bell is characterized by eight equal sides. Further, given the longer height of the Deep Octagon Silk Bell, the gentle curve or flare of the bell, top to bottom, is longer and more pronounced than in standard height Hexagon and Octagon Silk Bell lampshades. The Deep Octagon Silk Bell lampshade is only available in medium to larger sizes. The eight sided shade is a visually interesting alternative to the standard Deep Empire Silk lampshade, and can be used as an alternative shade for many of the same types of tall, thin metal or wood candlestick lamps. Given the wide range of fabrics available for the Deep Octagon Silk Bell, the lampshade can be used in a variety of settings – from casual to more formal.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
12″ 7″ 12″ 10.5″ WA
14″ 8″ 14″ 12″ WA
16″ 9″ 16″ 13″ WA
18″ 10″ 18″ 14″ WA
20″ 11.5″ 20″ 15.5″ WA
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