Oriental Square Bell Silk Lampshade

Oriental Square Silk Bell Lampshades



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The Oriental Square Bell Silk lampshade follows the design of the classic asian ginger jar. With a small, square opening at the top, the lampshade frame bows out from the top, then bows back into the middle, only to curve out again as it nears the bottom of the lampshade frame….very similar to the shape of the ginger jar. While not used exclusively on asian inspired lamp bases, nevertheless, the Oriental Square Silk Bell lampshade can be a perfect complement to many asian lamp bases. One of the most fitting lamp bases for the Oriental Square Silk Bell lampshade is a square, ceramic temple jar, a style refined during the Ming Dynasty. Depending upon the fabric selected – from an open weave linen or cotton to a fine pongee silk, the Oriental Square Silk Bell lampshade can work well in casual to more formal settings.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
8″ (3″ x 3″) (8″ x 8″) 8.5″ WA
10″ (3.5″ x 3.5″) (10″ x 10″) 9.5″ WA
12″ (4″ x 4″) (12″ x 12″) 12.5″ WA
14″ (5″ x 5″) (14″ x 14″) 14″ WA
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