Graceful Swirl Silk Empire Lampshade

Graceful Swirl Silk Empire Lampshades



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How to Measure a Cone Lampshade

The Graceful Swirl Silk Empire lampshade is a twist on the traditional Silk Empire lampshade – one of the oldest lampshade designs, considered the “workhorse” of all lampshade styles. The dimensions of the Graceful Swirl Silk Empire lampshade are very close to the dimensions of the traditional Silk Empire lampshade. However, the Graceful Swirl Silk Lampshade is designed with a side pleat which is modestly “whirled” or curved from the top to the bottom of the lampshade. Silk Empire lampshades are also available with a side pleat that runs in straight lines from the top of the lampshade to the bottom. The Graceful Swirl Silk Empire lampshade adds design element to a wide variety of table and floor lamps set in an elegant and traditional decor.

Size Top (A) Bottom (B) Slant (C) Fitter
12″ 7″ 12″ 9″ WA
14″ 8″ 14″ 11″ WA
16″ 9″ 16″ 12″ WA
18″ 10″ 18″ 13″ WA
20″ 11″ 20″ 14″ WA
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