Collectible Lamp Small


A safe and easy way to display your “collectibles”, decorate your space and provide ample lighting for your room and or your task! All of the “lampworks”, the socket and the cord, are safely installed in the lid of the glass – so the collection you put in your lamp won’t pull on or interfere with the cord of the lamp. Great for bedrooms, family rooms, summer homes or winter ski lodges, the easy open / easy close 3.5” lid of our Collectible Lamps allow you to change or rearrange the contents of your lamp as frequently as you wish.

The Concord LampWorks Collectible Lamps are available in three sizes – small at 16.5” tall, medium at 19” tall and large at 20.5” tall. Each lamp comes individually or with a simple white linen lampshade. Can also be combined with one of our own nautical or ski-trail lampshades. Made in the USA.

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12.5", 16.5"


4", 10"



No Shade, 10" Empire in White Linen

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