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Calendar to Book Appointments

It came to our attention during the COVID months, however, that many of our customers enjoyed the benefits that came with booking a one-on-one appointment;

  • certainty on time of service with little to no waiting in line
  • no feelings of pressure from other customers waiting for service, and
  • the undivided attention of our staff

Therefore, we are reserving the hours of 10-12 each day for appointments. Our door is still open, and we are happy to help you with whatever lighting needs you have. If, however, someone has booked an appointment during the hours of 10-12, servicing these customers will be our priority.

If you would like to book an appointment, you can do so here:

Calendar to Book Appointments

We hope to be able to combine what we learned over the last year with the opportunity to allow anyone access to our store and service.

Masks are no longer required in our store, but the choice to wear a mask is respected. If you would feel more comfortable with anyone on our staff wearing a mask, please ask us and we will accommodate.

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