Finding Your Replacement Lampshade

We carry 10,000’s of lampshades in all sorts of shapes, styles, colors, and materials.  We have 5 simple steps to help find the perfect lampshade.  The first step is selecting the type of lampshade you have.

Is your lampshade a hardback (hard plastic lining) or silk (soft fabric lining)?


  Select the image below that looks most like your lampshade.

Select your Lampshade Type

There are two major types of lampshades – Hardback and Softback / Silk.  Please select the type that best fits your lamp shade needs below.

Step 1: Select your lampshade type below


Lampshades that have a hard or plastic backing on the inside of the lampshade


Lampshades made from a variety of fabrics and lined on the inside with a silk fabric

Aren't sure which type is appropriate?

We get it, most people don’t think about lampshades as much as we do. We are here to help!  Give us a call to discuss your situation (978)369-3000 and we can help.
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