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Clean Linen Lampshades

Linen lampshades have become oh-so popular, but did you know there are more linen lampshade fabrics than meets the eye? From rough, open weaves to finer, more elegant weaves, there is a linen lampshade for any room or function. Linen lampshade fabrics range in thickness and transparency, and we can recommend a fabric based on your illumination needs.

Click here to view the drum lampshades we have available.

Below is an example of a finer linen lampshade weave, paired with a thick white trim. This is perfect for a modern and fresh living space or bedroom!


Below is a thicker linen lampshade weave with a thinner lampshade trim.


Below is an example of a coarser linen weave in a natural finish. This type of linen lampshade is ideal for a rustic or farmhouse living space.

clas_6916-19 clas_6916-20

You can also opt for a coarser linen lampshade in white. This shade allows more light through, and when illuminated, the texture is a beautiful sight!


We have a large selection of linen lampshades on our site – drums, empires, and squares, to name a few, as well as different sizes in each style and a wide selection of colors. Check it out:

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Featured Project: General Electric Meter Custom Lamp

Click here if you want to learn more about our service of creating custom lamps.

We love our customers, and the unique ideas they have for lamps. To commemorate the more than 30 years spent in the electric industry, one of our customers brought a General Electric meter to us to turn into a lamp. Our Service Manager turned and finished a custom base for the meter, and the wired it; when the lamp is lit, the meter is running! We finished the lamps creation with a white linen square drum lampshade. What a great conversation starter and ideal commemoration for a long service at General Electric.

clas_6916-36 clas_6916-37 clas_6916-38

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Custom Lampshade Trims

Click here to learn more about our service creating custom lampshades.



We love creating custom designed lampshades for any project. From silks, linens, cottons, and handmade papers in your choice of colors, we offer a wide range of decorative trim options to provide a customized finishing touch to the lampshade. We most often see decorative trims used on pillows, curtains, or the welting or piping commonly used on upholstered furniture. Many of these same trims can be used to customize your lampshade. A custom-selected lampshade trim can integrate your lamp into a specific room design, and give your lamp a “custom look”. We have hundreds of options to choose from to help you create a lampshade that is a perfect compliment to your room. Below you will see a number of lampshades we have fabricated in the store with selected decorative trims.

The lampshade below features a lovely blue ribbon trim.


Below is a beautiful multi-color cord trim.


We have many different cord, ribbon and beaded options – as well as many other unique lampshade trims. The options are endless, and we will work with you to select a trim – or trims – that works for the aesthetic and mood your room requires. Stop by our store to browse through our selection! Below are a few of our favorite trims.

clas_6916-31 clas_6916-32 clas_6916-30 clas_6916-33


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Let’s Get Nautical – It’s Summer!

Click here to check out our service for affordably creating lampshades with the nautical map you choose!

There isn’t an ocean or body of water that isn’t worth exploring! If you have visited our shop, or found us online, you have likely seen the many different styles and sizes of nautical lampshades that we offer and make individually in the store. Based in New England, we always have a number of shades made using NOAA charts from popular New England destinations on display, and we have created many custom nautical lampshades showing ocean views from around the country and the world! You pick the water, and we will create the shade. We use NOAA charts – either our charts or your charts – to create our nautical lampshades.

You can choose one of our designs, or can select your shade style (squares, hexes, pyramids, drums and empires), and show us the specific area of your selected chart to include on your shade.

The below was a custom design for a client from the Chesapeake Bay area. We found the perfect gold-plated lamp base for this creation, and can see this beauty fitting into a bright and airy summer living space.

Sarah Jayne Photography_0441



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Featured Project: Custom-Made Buoy Lamps

Click here to find out more about our ability to create custom lamps for our customers.

Many every day objects can be turned into a lamp – from glass and ceramic vases to candlesticks to firemen’s boots to Singer Sewing Machines to servers to sailboat blocks…we have made lamps from these objects and many more. One of my favorite custom-made lamp creation is a pair of antique buoys. Our customer, Steve, who runs the delightful blog, An Urban Cottage, brought these into the store. He had faux painted the bases, and we transformed them into lamps and created the custom lampshade. No one else in the world has THIS lamp! This lamp is now a piece of art that blends masterfully into this living space.

Not only do we create custom lamps out of objects that our customers bring into the store, we make about half of the lamps we sell – beautiful pottery from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Latin America and the Far East, as well as some of your favorite liquor bottles.

The next time you’re at a flea market or antique store and see something you like, ask yourself if it can be crafted into a lamp. Beauty and function – the combination of art and light!

Finished lamp

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3 Tools to Create A Custom Lampshade

Would you like to know more about custom our service creating custom lampshades?Concord Lamp & Shade - Custom Shades3

A Box Pleat is currently one of the most popular pleats. Featured above is a lampshade with what is known as a spaced box pleat. This box pleat is created when you manipulate a piece of fabric such that a pleat or fold is formed on both sides of the fabric. Then the ends brought together underneath the flat piece of fabric where another fold or pleat is created at the point where the fabric meets; the remaining fabric on both sides then points outward – and so it goes around the perimeter of the lampshade frame.

There are several types of box pleats, and “over box pleats.”  The most basic type of box pleat is one where you see a continuous flow of ½” to ¾” pleats.   You can chose from a wide variety of fabrics to create your box pleat, but one of the more preferred fabrics is a soft linen. We added a beautiful soft celadon textured trim to the lampshade on the Ralph Lauren Pierced Celadon lamp, and we think this creation is stunning!

Concord Lamp & Shade - Custom Shades

Alternate Side Pleats and Stretched Fabric. Side pleats can also be applied to lampshades in creative and wonderful ways.  In the Hexagonal Silk lampshade pictured above, the result is alternating panels of side pleats, and then stretched fabric. We’ve also added a black, gold and white trim to accent the character of the lamp.

Concord Lamp & Shade - Custom Shades2

Alternate Fabric Color. The drum lampshade is one of the most traditional types of lampshades, extremely popular from the early twentieth century through the 1980s when they fell out of favor.  Today, however, the drum lampshade is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, and the category has expanded to include some current and fun additions. Instead of using a plain colored lampshade, we alternated colors. When the light is on, the light casts to different hues, creating a unique look for any space.

As you can see, we added color and texture to what would have been standard lampshades to create a custom piece specific to your lamp and or your space.

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Visual Comfort Dorchester Adjustable Club Table Lamp

One of our favorite lamps in the store is the Dorchester Adjustable Club Table Lamp by Visual Comfort. It seems this lamp goes out of the store as soon as it comes in – into the hands of another happy customer. The Visual Comfort Dorchester Adjustable Club Table Lamp is a lamp you can place in your office, dining room, living room, family room or entry way – it is both striking and functional.


The beauty of this lamp is that it is adjustable, and can fit the lighting needs in a targeted space. It is designed with two lights to provide lighting options, and can adjust to a height of 35 inches. Pictured above is the lamp in Antique-Burnished Brass with a black shade. You can also sub it out for a natural shade, or visit us to select another lampshade style that best fits your needs.


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5 Favorite Visual Comfort Lanterns

Lantern pendants remain popular, and we can’t seem to keep these in our store! These Lanterns created by Visual Comfort are versatile, and can create magic in any room. Visual Comfort is known for their lanterns, and below you can find five of our favorite Visual Comfort Lanterns.

Visual Comfort Osborne Lantern
The Osborne is a 4-light lantern from the E.F. Chapman Darlana collection. The Osborne looks great in the foyer, or in a series down a hallway. It comes in a number of finishes including polished nickel.

Visual Comfort Osborne Lantern

Visual Comfort Morris Lantern
The 3 light Morris pendant lantern is a showstopper! The Morris Lantern is in Visual Comfort’s Suzanne Kasler Morris collection, and we can liken this pendant to a statement necklace. It’s gorgeous.


Visual comfort Morris Lantern - A Storied Style

Photo: A Storied Style

Visual Comfort Darlana Lantern
The Darlana series of ceiling fixtures remains one of the most popular. The Darlana 4-light Lantern is one of the most popular or the Visual Comfort pendants because of its versatility. It can be added to any space, and adds a level of sophistication to any room.



Visual Comfort Desmond 4-Light Cage Lantern
The Desmond 4-light Cage Lantern is a part of the E.F. Chapman Desmond collection, and is reminiscent of a lighting fixture that Could be featured in a Tuscan Villa, or Sonoma winery. It’s simple yet charming, and has an element of historic class.

Visual comfort Desmond 4-Light Cage Lantern

Visual Comfort Cornice Hanging Lantern
The Cornice Hanging Lantern is yet another versatile Visual Comfort lantern. The 3-light Cornice Hanging Lantern is available in a number of finishes including Bronze, and can blend into any space. The Cornice Lantern can add life to a quaint breakfast nook, blend flawlessly into a modern living room, or sit beautifully hanging in a three-season porch


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Visual Comfort Moravian Star Pendant


The still popular Visual Comfort E.F. Chapman Moravian Star pendant remains a statement piece. The star pendant’s shape and mirrored finish aligns with the Moroccan interior design craze, but is also a wonderful addition to many different styled rooms. We see this pendant hanging in a clean, white foyer, with pops of reds and oranges, and the Crate & Barrel Bessie Wool rug – pictured above – on the floor. I’ve also seen this lovely lighting fixture hanging in a rustic lodge and an oriental jungle oasis. It’s quite diverse, and a unique addition to any home.

The Visual Comfort Moravian Star pendant comes in several finishes including Aged Iron, Burnished Silver Leaf, and Gilded Iron, and there are three different sizes. Below is a foyer designed by May Interiors featuring the Moravian Star pendant in Aged Iron.

Visual Comfort Moravian Star

Below is a closeup of the Moravian Star pendant hanging in our Concord location. This is finished in Gilded Iron. Beautiful, right? If you’re interested in ordering one of these beauties, just call us at 978.369.3000 here.





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Currey & Company Rainforest Chandelier


The Currey and Company Rainforest Chandelier design feels like the canopy in a Rain Forest. The 14 lights, that are part of the design, are nestled in the wrought iron branches of the fixture. As you can see from the photo below, the Rain Forest Chandelier makes a wonderful statement in a wide variety of settings – from modern to rustic to transitional. The Rainforest Chandelier is available in a range of finishes – from white to bronze.

For more information on the size and other specifications, use the following link:

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Hubbardton Forge Cityscape LED Pendant

Hubbardton Forge City Scape Pendant

Hubbardton Forge is a well established New England lighting manufacturer who craft the upmost chic and creative wrought iron lighting fixtures, and the CityScape LED Linear Pendant / Chandelier is one of their own designs.

The CityScape fixture features polished aluminum rods with a glowing edge-lit LED guide plate. The mix of light and shadow is wonderful, and we think the Cityscape Pendant is perfect for an urban space.


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We are Still Boston Strong!

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since the catastrophic Boston Marathon events of 2013. Even though a bit of justice has been served in the sense that Tsarnaev was found guilty on all counts, family and friends will always feel the pain and loss from those tragic events. The strength, support and resilience of the Boston community continues to amaze me. We are just as strong and supportive of each other today as we were two years ago. We are still Boston strong!


Whether you’re in the city watching the Boston Marathon live, viewing from your televisions or even just thinking about the runners, let’s continue to band together and be a city of strength and support. Good luck runners! Let’s see you cross that finish line!