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Hexagonal Nautical Chart Lampshade


General Information about our Nautical Lampshades: 

  • The hexagonal lampshade is designed with six equally sized panels. The top and bottom diameters of the “hex” shade are measured from point to point, not from side to ze.
  • Most all lampshades are described dimensionally as follows: Top diameter x Bottom diameter x Side, or Slant Height. A general size guide is available in an article How to Measure a Lampshade.
  • The” fitter” is the part of the lampshade which allows the lampshade to attach or “’fit” onto the lamp. A complete explanation of fitters is available in an article What is a Lampshade Fitter?
  • You may select any US and / or Caribbean coastal geography. Given our location in eastern Massachusetts, we have focused on the Maine to Long Island coast line. If your prefer another area, please indicate your interest in the general comments section of the product page, or give us a call at 978.369.3000 or, send us an email.
SKU NS-Hex Category
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