Stiffel Lampshade Replacements

The name Stiffel in lighting invokes a sense of style and quality.  The wide range of Stiffel floor and table lamps includes a mix of contemporary and traditional pieces, and we are proud to carry the Stiffel product line.  While all of the Stiffel lamps will live for decades, the original lampshades wear out over time and need to be repaired or replaced.

Concord Lamp & Shade has been relining, recovering, and replacing original Stiffel lampshades for over 45 years.  Our skill, experience, and attention to detail ensure that the repairs to your Stiffel lampshade meet the high standards set by Stiffel. One important note, while all of the original lampshade frames can be updated or replaced, there is one type of shade, very familiar to the Stiffel brand, which is no longer available and that is the empire or drum style lampshade made with a knife pleat or alternate knife pleat.   Empire and Drum hardback lampshades are still available, but not fabricated with the hard knife type of pleating.

If the lining is in tatters, but the outer fabric is strong and not stained, relining is the preferred option.

If both the inner lining as well as the outer fabric is compromised, the option is to recover the original lampshade frame.  We carry all of the Diane Lampshade fabrics, and we will do our best to match or complement the outer fabric on your original lampshade.  As a note, however, specific fabrics – colors and patterns do change with time.  We cannot guarantee a match to your original fabric.

Relined or Recovered Stiffel Lampshade

If the lining is in tatters, but the outer fabric is strong and not stained, relining is the preferred option.  

If both the inner lining as well as the outer fabric is compromised, the best option is to recover the original lampshade frame.  We have a wide selection of silk fabrics from which to choose, as well as decorative trims.  


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Stiffel Lampshade Replacement

We also service customers who are looking to change the look and feel of their Stiffel lampshades with a new lampshade style or fabric.  Once again, we have a wide array of choices – shapes and styles, as well as fabrics and trims.  We will work with you to design the lampshade of your choosing.


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