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We’re Loving: Currey & Company’s Broxton Rectangular Chandelier

Broxton Rectangular Chandelier


We recently added kitchen island lighting fixtures to our online shop! It’s always challenging to hunt for the perfect kitchen island lighting solution. With more than 20 different lights to choose from, these grand kitchen island lighting fixtures will add the perfect aesthetic and lighting to your kitchen space. One of our favorites is from Currey and Company – the Broxton Rectangular Chandelier. This large kitchen lighting fixture features orb shaped lighting elements and harken back to the era of Edison and Tesla. This vintage modern styling and a steely Pyrite Bronze finish make the Broxton an intensely appealing piece.

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All About That Brass!

Sometimes when I’m out with friends, I end of talking some shop. Hey, I love what I do, so it comes through in my personal conversations! I made the comment that brass was on it’s way back. Gasp! Yes, this seemed to be the common reaction from those listening, because after all, weren’t we all still trying to swap out those pesky brass door knobs and find ways to upcycle that old brass lamp? Sure, brass had its heyday in the 70s, but big-name interior designers are bringing it back, in a modern, chic way of course. Currey & Company is one of the lighting manufacturers making a case for the brass resurgence, and we’re absolutely in love with their new brass light fixtures and brass lamps. Below are a few Currey & Company brass finds, which can all be found in our online shop! Happy shopping!

Brass - Currey and Company lighting

Photo :: Currey & Company

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We’re Loving: New from Currey & Company

Every few months we have the delight of seeing some of the latest beautiful lamp creations from one of our beloved manufacturers, Currey & Company. We can’t take our eyes off of these gems below – here are our favorites!

 Aquaterra – This lighting fixture is made from recycled glass and the iron contrasts beautifully to give this piece rustic charm.


Buckminster – The Buckminster Chandelier is stunning to look at in a room and is composed of triangles made from hand-finished wrought iron in Pyrite Bronze.

Firefly Rectangular Chandelier -This was inspired from the evenings you might have spent as a child running around and capturing these luminous creatures inside glass jars. How cool is that?

Firefly Rectangular