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This & That: Uttermost Flowing Fern Green Table Lamp


This week is a special week for the Irish. And since Boston has one of the largest communities in the country, it’s an especially happy week here. Welcome to the week of Saint Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we’re thinking green, and will be sharing some of our favorite green lamps and interiors. A green palette fits well into the current botanical trend sweeping the interior design space. Specifically, the fern has been the center for design inspiration. From botanical printed fabric to simply showcasing a number of plants in a home, flora, fern and all that falls in between is here to stay. Uttermost, one of our beloved lighting manufacturers, carries a number of table lamps that fit this theme, but one of our favorites is the Uttermost Flowing Fern Green Table Lamp. The crackled lime green glaze with brushed nickel details can be a beautiful addition to a bright sunroom, or in an earthy living room. Pair the Flowing Fern lamp with the Rope Lace Tiara Chair to create a bohemian and relaxed feel.

Below is another example of how you can incorporate botanicals into an interior space. This was designed by May Interiors. Green can also be tied with bright tropical colors, and blues, to create a bright, funky space.

Sarah Jayne Photography_0396

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New in Store: Visual Comfort Adjustable Console Table Lamp

Let’s talk about a lamp that has been a fan favorite here at the store. As soon as we get one in, it heads back out the door, in the hands of another happy customer. The Visual Comfort Overseas Adjustable Console Table Lamp is a lamp you can place in your office, or living space, and it is both striking and functional.

The beauty of this lamp is that it is adjustable, and can fit the lighting needs in a targeted space. It has two lights to provide adequate light, and can adjust to a height of 35 inches. Pictured above is the lamp in Antique-Burnished Brass with a black shade. You can also sub it out for a natural shade, or visit us to select a lampshade for your needs!


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We’re Loving: The Visual Comfort Darlana Linear Pendant


Walk by our store window and you’ll see this beauty – the Visual Comfort Darlana Linear Pendant! We’re loving this 6 light pendant from Visual Comfort’s E.F. Chapman Darlana collection. This gilded iron chandelier will position perfectly over a dining room table or serve as the focal point of any long entryway. The Darlana Linear Pendant is also available in polished nickel and aged iron. To create a cohesive lighting setup around the home, this chandelier can be paired with the Darlana 4 Light Foyer Lantern.

Below are two examples of how interior designers used the Darlana Linear Pendant:

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We’re Loving: Currey & Company Rainforest Chandelier


We love flipping through interior design magazines, or clicking through websites, and seeing some of our favorite lamp and lighting brands featured in real homes! On House Beautiful, we found the majestic Currey & Company Rainforest Chandelier in a fun, fresh California cottage. There are bright pops of neon fabrics and colors throughout the home mixed with a lovely neutral palette. If you love this look, the Currey & Company Rainforest Chandelier is for sale on our website – click through to check it out!

Currey & Company rainforest chandelier

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We’re Loving: Regina Andrew Lighting

If you’ve walked by the store lately, there have been large boxes waiting to be unpacked, filled with beautiful new lighting designs. One brand worth noting is Regina Andrew, who has redefined contemporary style by mixing up design genres. When you look at her designs, you’ll see that modern is mixed with rustic, elegant is mixed with casual, and romantic with relaxed. I just love how her pieces are effortlessly chic, and I can’t get enough of her new work. Specifically, one oh-so popular item is the below Regina Andrew Reclaimed Wood Bent Arm Pinup Sconce. This item comes with matching cord covers and can be hardwired or plugged in. Can you envision this in one of your rooms? I sure can!


The Regina Andrew Dollie Chandelier is also a funky take on mixing metallics.

Regina Andrew Dollie Chandelier

The Regina Andrew Camden Five Light Lantern is a lighting fixture that can wow in a dining room, or even in a bedroom space.

Regina-Andrew Design Camden Five-Light Lantern

Regina Andrew also offers a series of coastal-inspired lamps, including this Regina Andrew Clear Oval Recycled Glass Lamp.

Clear Oval Recycled Glass Lamp from Regina Andrew

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This & That: Demitasse Table Lamp from Currey & Company

This&That Demitasse lampThis&That-Demitasee-lamp

The beautifully ornate scallop texture makes us think of the ocean. If you’re new to this blog, we absolutely adore the ocean (and any body of water for that matter!). The Demitasse Table Lamp from Currey & Company wears this scallop design well. This lamp is made of terra cotta and coated in an antique white finish. We’re envisioning this lamp placed on the side tables of an outdoor patio space, paired with this gorgeous grey Scalloped Crewel pillows from West Elm.

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This & That: Woodbury Picture Lights from Hudson Valley

If you haven’t been able to tell, we are BIG fans of the ocean and sailing. Heck, we are fans of everything nautical, including coastal cuisine! Perhaps you first connected our love for the sea through our incessant chatter about our nautical lampshades. Today we will hold off from raving about our nautical lampshades, so we can take time to discuss something that I think is missing from many homes – picture lights. If you’re like me, I often fall in love with artwork from my various travels, including artwork of the ocean. These masterfully painted pieces of art can take me away, even when I’m in the confines of my office. A beautiful piece of art can certainly transcend the mind and soul, which is why it’s important to give your artwork the spotlight it deserves! We carry a selection of picture lights, but our favorite as of late is the Woodbury picture light from Hudson Valley. It comes is aged brass, historic bronze and distressed bronze, and can brilliantly cast light on your artwork. The piece featured below is called “Weekend Sailing,” an oil painting Sandy Nelson.

Woodbury Picture Light - This & That


Take a look around your home, and see if there is a standout piece of artwork that deserves some more attention. Then, make your way over to our gallery of picture lights to see if there is a perfect fit for your masterpiece.

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We’re Loving: Currey & Company’s Zara Torchiere Floor Lamps

We spotted this photo over on the Currey & Company blog, and instantly fell in love with it. There is a timeless, century-old feel to this space, mixed with a super modern, feminine (Lilly Pulitzer?) vibe. One of the elements that creates this aged mystique is the Zara Torchiere floor lamps.

Zara-Torchieres_Currey & Company_April 15

These standout floor lamps are found in Currey & Company’s Winterthur Collection and inspired by exquisite designs housed in the Winterthur museum and library archives. The Winterthur is the premier museum of American decorative arts, reflecting early America and the du Pont family’s life at their estate in Delaware’s Brandywine Valley.

Zara-Torchieres_Currey & Company_April 15_2

The collection also features a number of other classic lighting pieces, including this Zara Ceiling Mount pendant. There is something so wonderful about mixing the old, with the new, and we think the Zara lighting and lamps from Currey & Company can add this aged charm to any modern room!

Zara-Flush Mount_Currey & Company_April 15

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GIVEAWAY: Red Sox Baseball Lamp

We’ve been waiting patiently all winter for the official kickoff of spring and summer…opening day at Fenway Park! Today they take on the Washington Nationals in their first home game of the season, and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate, we’re giving our Facebook community the chance to win our very own Red Sox Baseball Lamp! Hop on over to our Facebook page for the chance to win.

Red Sox giveaway


The lamp was designed and made at our store in Concord, MA using MLB baseballs with the Red Sox logo. The base of the lamp is made of ash (the same wood used to make many major league bats) and is milled locally into the shape of home plate (available in either painted white or clear ash).

Perhaps the most notable feature is the lampshade’s original artwork created by a local artist, Jack Skinner. The lampshade illustrates a game at Fenway Park between the Red Sox and the evil empire (aka the Yankees). In this game, the scoreboard in left field shows the Red Sox leading 9-0, and the empire has one error. Wally is in the left field stands, your favorite icons are in their proper places in and around the park, and the fans in the back of the stadium are wearing Red Sox team jerseys from the 2009-2011 teams.

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We’re loving: Fancy Foyer Lights

Making a great first impression is key, which is why it’s oh-so important for your foyer design to really rock! One of the most effective way to do this is choosing an eye-catching foyer lighting fixture. There are a range of foyer lights and foyer chandeliers in many shapes and finishes – from glass to a range of different metallics! We’ve collected some of our favorites to spotlight below.


Bevilacqua Chandelier – Currey & Company

Broxton Orb Chandelier – Currey & Company

Foyer lights 3

Danville Chandelier – Hudson Valley

Foyer lights 4

Fitzjames Square Ceiling Mount – Currey & Company

Foyer lights 2


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This & That: Green and Gold Glenda Table Lamp

“We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English.” – Winston Churchill

With my heritage rooted in England, I’ve always thought this quote was funny, especially when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. Well, folks, St. Patrick’s Day is here again (tomorrow), and as they say, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we put together a green-themed “This or That” blog post, centered around the beautifully ornate Glenda Table Lamp made by Currey & Company. There is something about the green and gold combination that is so timeless! For example, Cameron Diaz’s home has this beautiful green and gold kitchen that we absolutely adore.

The Currey & Company Glenda Table Lamp can go with a number of different neutral-toned interiors, and will add a pop of color to any room. Pair this lamp with this Gold Beaded Tile Pillow from Pier 1 to add even more gilded goodness to your space.


This or That Glenda Table Lamp

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Friday Fill: A Lamp of Lemons

Novelty Lamp-1-2

Over the years we’ve seen customers create many memorable and creative gifts with our novelty fillable glass lamps. We “filled” you in on a few of these ideas in a previous blog post. We thought it would be fun to bring to life a new series on the blog called “Friday Fill”, centered around the myriad gift ideas surrounding this lovely lamp. One Friday a month, we’ll craft a new gift idea and share it with you. Each idea will be seasonal in nature and hopefully give you the perfect gift idea for upcoming occasions.

Novelty Lamp-3

While it’s not quite spring in New England, many folks are thinking about their spring break vacations. We understand that not everyone is able to fly down to Florida or Mexico for a break, so we thought it would be a great idea to build a gift around a spring break cocktail! This could be a great gift idea for any birthday, or even a great “just because” gift to add a bit of cheer to someone’s life.

Novelty Lamp-1-3

The best part is this gift is pretty simple to assemble. Simply fill one of our smaller fillable glass lamps with lemons. Pair the filled lamp with a set of Moscow mule glasses and a cocktail recipe book. To take it a step further, recommend a recipe that you think they’ll enjoy. Below is a recipe we think you’ll love. Cheers, and happy gifting!

Lemon and Basil Mojito  

• Sprig of basil
• Sprig of mint
• 1 teaspoon raw sugar or agave nectar
• 1½ ounces clear rum
• Squeeze of fresh lemon
• Club soda or seltzer

In a sturdy glass, muddle fresh basil and mint leaves with sugar. Add rum and lemon juice. Fill the glass, top it off with club soda and stir it with a spoon.

Novelty Lamp-2