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We’re Loving: Hubbardton Forge Cityscape Pendant

Hubbardton Forge City Scape Pendant

We’ve been featuring several whimsical, organic lighting fixtures as of late, but today we’re mixing things up. Hubbardton Forge is a local New England lighting manufacturer who crafts the upmost chic and sturdy lighting fixtures. A recent favorite is the Cityscape Pendant, featured above (with the skyline of Boston!).

Metallic-adorned lighting is a hot trend right now, and this fixture features polished aluminum rods with a glowing edge-lit LED guide plate. The mix of light and shadow is so majestic, and we think the Cityscape Pendant is perfect for an urban space.


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This & That: New Canaan Wall Sconce and Chess Vanity Mirror

We’re always talking about how much we love to see wall sconces in bathrooms because of the way they illuminate your face when you’re getting ready for the day. Remember, if you only have a light above your vanity, you’ll see stark shadows on your face! In today’s This & That, we’re honing in on one of our favorite wall sconce as of late – the New Canaan Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley. Brass is seeing a revival, and this brass wall sconce can add a beautiful touch of brass to any bathroom, while adding an industrial, vintage look. Pair a set of these brass wall sconces with this Chess Vanity Mirror from Wayfair, and you have yourself a lovely brass and black combination – another hot interior design trend! The New Canaan Wall Sconce is also available in old bronze, polished nickel and antique nickel, but our favorite metallic is definitely the brass!

This and That - April 10

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Cool Ceilings for Your Light Fixtures

Okay, so by now you know that we’re mildly obsessed with lamps, shades and all-things lighting. But as of late, we’ve been gushing over the extravagant ceiling designs we’ve seen in some of our favorite interior design magazines. It’s true – sometimes the ceiling is neglected and left rather blasé. A beautiful, ornate chandelier or pendant can indeed bring the ceiling to life, but instead of having only the cool light, go for the decadent ceiling AND out-of-this-world lamp. Below are some of our favorite ceiling designs we’ve seen from around the world!

Inlaid Wood
This Spanish Colonial-influenced California home features hand-painted inlaid wood. Guests can look up and see a beautiful work of art, paired with a modern hanging candelabra.

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Lighting Tips: Layering Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is often considered an afterthought when designing the lighting for a home. Most folks don’t invest in lighting for the bathroom, and I often see homeowners take a “one fixture, and done” mentality. The reality is one fixture can’t do it all!

A good lighting plan means thinking about your lighting in layers, and strategically placing lighting where you need it – showers, shaving, makeup application, etc.

The most important layer to think about is lighting for the vanity. This is oftentimes the hardest lighting to find because you need to light up the head and face so you can see yourself when you’re grooming! Most of the time there is a ceiling light right over top of you, and with this lighting, you receive extreme shadows, making daily tasks more difficult than it needs to be.

Your best bet for this type of task lighting is to place vertical fixtures or sconces on either side of the mirror. This will cast the light nicely on the entire face.

The other area to consider is the shower. If you don’t have a clear glass stall, you’re literally left in the dark when you’re showering. A simple fix is to place a recessed light with a glass lens on the ceiling above the shower.

Now, while task lighting is very important, it’s equally important to think about your central ambient light fixture. Get creative! Think about using a chandelier or even a pendant lamp instead of a standard globe fixture.

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Q&A with Patricia Haley of May Interiors

Boston Interior design lamps

Patricia Haley of May Interiors is a beloved client and a extremely talented interior designer based in Winchester, Massachusetts. She can help transform any interior or exterior space into something that is uniquely you, and oftentimes you’ll find our lamps adorning her rooms!

Because we LOVE her work, we recently sat down with Pat to learn more about her work and her style.

Where do you look for design inspiration?
I look for design inspiration basically everywhere – from outside elements such as gardens, buildings and architecture to places like the beach and coastal areas. Of course, thumbing through magazines and scanning gives me inspiration and ideas too!

Boston Interior design lamps

Improvement is the motivation behind all remodels. How does your design improve a client’s experience in their home? How do you know you’ve provided a good design?
Comfort, ease and repurposing of items is the number one improvement factor for the majority of my clients. Whether I’m rearranging a room full of existing furniture to improve flow and function or using existing items of furniture and accessories in other capacities, these simple tricks can improve the mood and experience of a room because it will all appear NEW and fresh without being extra pricey.

Boston Interior design lamps

What is your favorite living space to design? How do you make this space stand out?
One of my favorite spaces to design and enhance is the family room or living area in a home. I tend to use comfortable and easy care pieces while adding a little punch with paint color on the walls – and ceiling! Kids love the color and the adults love the fact that the room is easy but comfortable.

Boston Interior design lamps

When it comes to lighting, what’s your top tip?
Biggest piece of lighting advice? Make sure the size of the light fixture is proportionate to the space! Also make sure the fixture emits enough light for the room.

Boston Interior design lamps

How do you know you’ve discovered the right lamp(s) or lights for a room?
I sometimes revolve the room design around a fabulous light I found. The color, shape and size of the light can really inspire the rest of the project!

Boston Interior design lamps

What project(s) are you working on now?
I just finished a really fun project where we took a double hall closet in a home and converted it into a wet bar area equipped with cabinets with granite and a mini wine fridge. I also have a new project down in Portsmouth R.I where I am transitioning a room from little girl to young adult along with a few other interesting projects in the Boston area.

Photos :: Sarah Jayne Photography

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Quick Tip: Always Add a Dimmer


Lighting a room properly is no easy task. There are many things to keep in mind to ensure your lighting is setting the tone you envisioned. When looking at multipurpose rooms like family rooms and kitchens, dimmers are oh-so essential. Dimmers are integral in allowing for versatility at different points of the day. For example, as you’re preparing meals in the kitchen, you might opt for full-scale lighting, but afterward as the family gets ready for bed, it is nice to turn the lights down to create a soft lighting presence as you sit on a bar stool and sort through tomorrow’s to-do list.

Dimmers are also a must-have tool in conserving energy – no need to have the lights on at full capacity when you only need a tiny bit of illumination. If you’re in the middle of working with an electrician to wire a room, be sure to add a dimmer – it’s an easy choice that you’ll be happy you made!

Photo :: Holzman Interiors

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How to Light Your Artwork

Visual Comfort Art Light

Many people come into the store looking for a way to light a new piece of prized artwork. If you’re investing in a beautiful piece of art, then you should show it off! Before you start your search, make sure you understand the qualities of your artwork. For example, is your painting oil or acrylic? Oils are a little harder to light because of the spectral highlights when harsh light hits the paint, so being armed with this information would allow you to make a more informed lighting decision.

Below are a few types of lights to consider for your art:

– Picture light – These hang over a painting or can be affixed to a frame. These are generally about 3’’ in diameter.
– Slimline picture light – This is a mini version of the above – about 1’’ in diameter, and can fit smaller pieces or draw attention to a distinctive part of the artwork.
– Mantel lights – These can be put in front of the artwork sitting on a mantel, and light the artwork from bottom to top.
– Track lighting – This is a very modern approach to lighting your artwork, and allows a lot of flexibility. Track lighting can light an entire wall and accent many pieces.

The other thing to keep in mind is the type of light you will use. Incandescent produce a warm color that amplified yellows and reds. Halogen lights can cast a very pure light however they can generate a lot of heat, so use with caution around your paintings. Fluorescent lights give off a very high level of UV rays and can distort artwork, so this is not recommended.

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Flashy New Bulbs

Out with the old, in with the new. With the federal government mandating the elimination of traditional incandescent bulbs, the old-school bulbs are slowly disappearing from retailers’ shelves.

Companies can no longer produce 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs. You’ll still find them on the shelves for the next few months, but the stock will eventually fade. It’s true, the new bulbs that will take their places are more expensive, but they’ll save money in the long run because they will require less energy.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the new bulbs hitting the shelves, courtesy of The New York Times.


New York TImes

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This & That: Winter Whites

This and That_ Winter Whites

No snowfall yet, but there’s a color – or should we say non-color – that’s top of mind. Ah yes, the beautiful shade of winter white.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love those reds, greens and blues of the holiday season, but there’s something so fresh, vibrant and uplifting about this pure look. This palette is certainly versatile while bringing a sense of calm and peace to a room.

This Nymph Wallpaper in White Stone by Michele Varian can certainly help set the stage for this look in a room, and we can envision a pair of these Barbara Barry Table Lamp by Visual Comfort looking fabulous on two end tables of a living room.

White on white isn’t boring, it’s refreshing – start the New Year off right with this non-hue. Cheers!

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How to Light a Home – INFOGRAPHIC

There’s no one right way to light a house, but there are many helpful tips that one can use to make sure their home is as illuminated and warm as possible. I thought this infographic was a comprehensive guide for those who are looking at lighting for a new home, or even looking to revamp their existing lighting situation. Sure, it doesn’t touch on everything but does a good job honing in on those areas of the home that need the most attention! If you read through this and are wondering what lamp is best for task lighting or what accent lighting is great for the stairwell, please drop me a line – we can definitely help figure out all of these details.
How to Light a House

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Metallics are the Shiny New Objects in Interior Design

There’s a new décor trend that’s sweeping the interior design world: metallic finishes and accents. They’re turning up on everything these days from sofas to sheets, and lamps, of course lamps, reflecting a metropolitan look. This fall we’re seeing some of our favorite manufacturers introduce a series of metallic lamps – from silver and gold to nickel and bronze.

It’s easy to get carried away with these lustrous accents, but you shouldn’t overdo it! If you combine a lamp with 1-2 other accents of the same family, you will be in good shape. Too much of a metallic hue can have a space feeling like you’re stuck in the future – think Jetsons – or even the past – think golden temples!

Below are four metallic lamps we’re loving.

Currey & Company Aberdeen Table Lamp


Visual Comfort Garey Small Industrial Light

93013_Image 2_Visual Comfort Garey Small Industrial Light

Visual Comfort Medium Goodman Hanging Light in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass

93013_Image 3 Medium Goodman Hanging Light in Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass

Feiss Stateroom Table Lamp in Antique Nickel

93013_Image 4

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Lampshade Gallery

What is a lampshade gallery? A gallery is an aesthetic element added to the bottom of a lampshade that conforms to the shape of the lampshade bottom, is typically an inch in height, and is set off with a piped wire separating it visually from the body of the lampshade.  The gallery may be covered in the same fabric as the body of the lampshade or, the gallery may be treated with a complementary trim.

Many lampshade styles are available with a gallery.  Some of the most popular styles include coolies, drums, hexs and octagons and bells.

The coolie with gallery is an excellent lampshade for one of our many round ceramic lamps.

Image 1 gallery

The drum with a scallop top and bottom is also designed with a gallery.  Occasionally we see lamps in the store dating back to the 1950s dressed with this type of lampshade – not surprisingly, these shades are often in need of a replacement, and if our customer wants the same style of lampshade, we can provide it!

Galleries can added to hexagonal and octagonal shades.   In the case of these shades, the gallery adds a degree of formality to the lampshades.


A particularly fun silk lampshade style with a gallery is the S-Curve with a scallop bottom, shown below.  We have used the S-Curve lampshade with a variety of Victorian style table and floor lamps.

Image 3 gallery

One of our more unique shading opportunities came when one of customers brought in a large 1950’s style “New Orleans” lamp complete with gilded iron and lots of “baubles”; the lamp and its new shade are destined for a hair salon in western Massachusetts.  Our customer loves bright color, and we worked with her to fashion a pair of J-Bell lampshades with a scallop bottom and a gallery…. Oh, and we added a crown!  The lampshades were tailored in grape chintz with black fringe!

Image 6 Round Top J-Bell with Scallop Bottom with Gallery

Lampshades made with a gallery are not for every lamp; but the gallery can add a unique touch to a special lamp of yours!