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We’re Loving: Clean Linen Lampshades

Linen lampshades have become oh-so popular, but did you know there are more linen lampshade fabrics than meets the eye? From rough, open weaves to finer, more elegant weaves, there is a linen lampshade for any room or function. Linen lampshade fabrics range in thickness and transparency, and we can recommend a fabric based on your illumination needs.

Click here to view the drum lampshades we have available.

Below is an example of a finer linen lampshade weave, paired with a thick white trim. This is perfect for a modern and fresh living space or bedroom!


Below is a thicker linen lampshade weave with a thinner lampshade trim.


Below is an example of a coarser linen weave in a natural finish. This type of linen lampshade is ideal for a rustic or farmhouse living space.

clas_6916-19 clas_6916-20

You can also opt for a coarser linen lampshade in white. This shade allows more light through, and when illuminated, the texture is a beautiful sight!


For estimates on the cost of our lampshade services, we suggest that you send a picture of your lampshade, including the measurements (top diameter, bottom diameter and side length – both slant height and vertical height), to  and we will respond quickly with a price quote and timing.

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Featured Project: Custom-Made Buoy Lamps

Click here to find out more about our ability to create custom lamps for our customers.

If you want something turned into a lamp, it can be done! That’s my mantra. The latest custom-made lamp creation is a pair of antique buoys. Our customer, Steve, who runs the delightful blog, An Urban Cottage, brought these into the store and we were eager to get started on them! He faux painted the bases, and we transformed them into lamps and created the custom lampshade. How beautiful is this lamp? No one else in the world has THIS lamp, and that’s the beauty of creating a custom-made lamp.

This lamp is now a piece of art that blends masterfully into this living space, and you can bet people will want to know the story behind it!

The next time you’re at a flea market or antique store and see something you like, ask yourself if it can be crafted into a lamp. Beauty and function – what can get better than that?

Finished lamp

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Prep Your Summer Cottage with Nautical Lampshades

Spring is here, and summer is around that corner (if you can believe it). Many New Englanders are thinking about getting their summer houses in order – spring cleaning, organizing and redesigning their summer spaces. One very popular way to add a new look to a room is with our collection of nautical lampshades. We can create a lampshade from any US and / or Caribbean coastal geography – Bermuda, Martha’s Vineyard and beyond! These also come in a number of different shapes and sizes. Below is a peek at a few different sizes, which can all be custom ordered online from our website!

Pyramid Nautical Lampshade


Cut Corner Square Nautical Lampshade


Hexagonal Nautical Lampshade


Wall Sconce and Chandelier Nautical Lampshades


Shield/Half Nautical Lampshade


Drum Nautical Lampshade


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GIVEAWAY – New England Football Lamp

New England is buzzing with excitement for the Super Bowl, as our very own New England Patriots head to the big game on February 1. To celebrate, we’re giving away one of our New England Football Lamps! New England fans love this lamp, and it can really be a nice addition on game day (and every day after!).

To enter to win, head over to our Facebook page and comment with why you’re the biggest Patriots fan. Winners will be announced on January 30. Good luck!

Patriots Football Lamp


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We’re Loving: New from Currey & Company

Every few months we have the delight of seeing some of the latest beautiful lamp creations from one of our beloved manufacturers, Currey & Company. We can’t take our eyes off of these gems below – here are our favorites!

 Aquaterra – This lighting fixture is made from recycled glass and the iron contrasts beautifully to give this piece rustic charm.


Buckminster – The Buckminster Chandelier is stunning to look at in a room and is composed of triangles made from hand-finished wrought iron in Pyrite Bronze.

Firefly Rectangular Chandelier -This was inspired from the evenings you might have spent as a child running around and capturing these luminous creatures inside glass jars. How cool is that?

Firefly Rectangular

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Introducing the Limited Edition “2013 World Series Champion Red Sox” Table Lamp

Click here to learn more about our Red Sox table lamp.

To help celebrate the victorious 2013 World Champion Red Sox, we introduce the 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox Table Lamp!


On October 30, the Boston Red Sox won their fourth and final game against the St. Louis Cardinals, champions of the National League.  What a game…. What a series!!  What better way to celebrate the victory and relish the memory day after day, than with the limited edition 2013 World Series Champion Red Sox Table Lamp.

This special edition of the Red Sox Baseball Table Lamp designed and made at our shop in Concord, is constructed with three stacked major league baseballs; the baseball on top features the Red Soxlogo; the middle baseball is the limited edition 2013 World Series Champion ball with the Red Sox logo, and the third baseball features the St. Louis Cardinals logo.


The base of the lamp is milled in the shape of home plate and made using ash (available in either painted white or clear ash).  Ash is the wood used to make many of the major league bats.


The lamp shade features original artwork, by a local artist, Jack Skinner of a game at Fenway Park between the Red Sox and the “evil empire” (aka the Yankees). In this game, the score board in left field shows the Red Sox leading 9-0, and the “empire” has one error!  Wally is in the left field stands, your favorite icons are in their proper places in and around the park, and the fans sitting in the back of the stadium are wearing Red Sox team jerseys from recent teams, including the series MVP, Big Papi, David Ortiz.

But, perhaps the most unique feature of the lamp is to watch the game change from a day game to a night game;  when the light is off, a day game is being played, but when the light is turned on…. you are watching a night game!  The moon and the stars come out, the stadium lights come on, Wally lights up as does the field, the Red Sox Hall of Fame, and you can see #1 Sox light up in the window of one of the Boston skyscrapers!

An extra and special finishing touch to the lamp is a baseball finial – either a single baseball, or a baseball safe inside a miniature catcher’s mitt.  The lamp is shipped with a small brass, non-decorative finial.  Many people chose, however, a finial at the top of the lamp to mimic the logo baseballs on the stem of the lamp.

IMG_9058 IMG_9060

We have only a limited number of these special edition lamps. To purchase your lamp, call our store 978.369.3000, and we will slide one into your home – or the home(s) of one of your special RedSox fans.


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Silk Lampshades – Box Pleats, Part 1

There are as many styles of pleated lampshades as there are styles and sizes of lampshades…too many to count!  We are going to give you an overview of lampshade pleats – starting with silk lampshades and moving to the hardback shades.

The first general category of silk pleats is the Box Pleat, which seems to be growing in popularity in the last few years.  So, what is a Box Pleat?  A box pleat is created when you manipulate a piece of fabric such that a pleat or fold is formed on both sides of the fabric, and then the ends brought together underneath the flat piece of fabric where another fold or pleat is created at the point where the fabric meets; the remaining fabric on both sides then points outward – and so it goes around the perimeter of the lampshade frame.

There are several types of box pleats, and “over box pleats.”  The most basic type of box pleat is one where you see a continuous flow of ½” to ¾” pleats.   You can chose from a wide variety of fabrics to create your box pleat, but one of the more preferred fabrics is a soft linen.  We have pared a custom designed (by M. Gabaree Lampshades) modified empire lampshade with a linen box pleat with one of our Ralph Lauren pierced celadon lamps; the effect is wonderful below:

Image 1 Linen Box Pleat wih Lauren Celadon Lamp

The same type of basic box pleat can also be applied to different shapes of lampshades, as you can see from this beautifully pleated and trimmed hexagon and this silk coolie lampshade and finally this silk drum lampshade.

Image 2 MG Pleated Hex (1) Image 3 Custom Box Pleat Silk Lampshades Image 4 Drum Lampshade with Box Pleats

Another type of box pleat is the “Euro” or “English” style of box pleat wherein the a box pleat is followed by an open space of the same width, followed by another box pleat, open space, etc.

Image 5 EURO-BOX-PLEAT_Eggshell_Linen

Yet another style of box pleat is the “open” box pleat.  In this type of pleat, the pleats are adjacent to one another across the top of the lampshade, but they “open” up at the bottom.  This type of pleat is most easily seen when the bottom of the lampshade is larger than the top of the lampshade as with a coolie lampshade or a larger imperial empire lampshade.

Image 6 F0613-w400 Image 7 Open_Box_Pleat_Web_Picture_1_medium[1]

Ah – but the list of box pleats goes on – we will explore other box pleat styles next week!


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Lighting up Rome!

I had an opportunity to travel to Italy – Rome and Florence – on a “Wellness Trip” with 6 other wonderful women.  With the exception of our transportation to and from the airports – we walked Rome and Florence.   What a fabulous experience – from the Roman ruins to the Vatican to the food markets in Rome, we walked and walked and walked!!!  And, then onto Florence – but more about that later next week.

Not surprisingly, I was very interested in seeing how the “lights of Rome” might be different from what we see here in Boston and the US.   So, on power walks through the city, I had time to peek into a number of small shops, and while we wined and dined on the most awesome Italian food, my eyes traveled to the lighting used to create the ambiance …which of course, made the food taste even better!

One of the things I observed was the large number of lamps and lighting fixtures made with glass – often Venetian glass….and frequently designed with vivid colors.  This chandelier graced the little restaurant in our hotel.

Image 1

Some of those vividly designed blown glass table lamps were dressed with perfectly sized and colored lampshades……

Image 3 Image 2

And, speaking of lampshades, we found a little shop that created a number of whimsical lampshades such as this one for a table lamp,

Image 4

And these lampshades used as pendants……

Image 5

Pendants are one of the most popular types of lighting we found in Rome.  These pendants hung in a fabulous little restaurant near the Vatican that served the best pizza!!!

Image 6

After three days in Rome, we headed to the train station and onto Florence, or Firenze…. More about that next week!


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Silk Lampshades – Smocked Pleating

Silk lampshades with smocking are special.  The technique of smocking is essentially a type of “double pleating”; the first layer of pleating is most often a box pleat – typically a “closed” box pleat, but they can be made with open box pleats as well as “drapes”.  And then, the second “smocked” layer is created when the sides of the box pleats are brought together creating a diamond like pattern in the pleating.  The light coming through a smocked shade is dramatic – whether the shade is made with a full smock or smocking at the top and bottom, or just one “pinch” in the middle.  But, even when the light is off, the beauty of the smocking is evident.

With a fully smocked lampshade, the pinches in the pleating are created near both the top and the bottom of the lampshade.

Image 1 Full Smock

Smocking can also be applied to only the top or the bottom of the lampshade, as shown in the following two images.

Lamp_2_cr_eggshell_large[1] Image 8 smocking with colored thread

As noted above, the smocking treatment can be applied to not only a closed box pleat, but also open box pleats as shown in this lampshade created by M. Gabaree Lampshades.  This silk coolie lampshade that Michelle has designed utilizes an open box pleat as well as a “centered” smock – wherein the “pinch” applied to create the diamond pattern is found in the middle of the lampshade.

Image 7 MG Pleat Sampler

A rolling box pleat can also serve as the first layer of pleating overlaid by a full smock treatment.

Image 6 Box-Drape-with-Smock[1]

Another unique look is created when the smocking is applied to a large box drape.

Image 5 Rolled-Box-Pleat-Smock

Smocking as a shading technique allows the opportunity for multiple variations.  In the following image, you will see one shade created with a full smock on one part of the shade, coupled with a small bottom smock on the other half of the lampshade.

Image 4 MG Smock Pleats

While most smocking is applied to solid colored fabric, the use of a different colored thread can create a dramatic effect, and effectively enhance the lamp base and room décor.

Image 3 Bottom Smock


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Silk Lampshades – Shirred and Side Pleats

Silk lampshades with either shirred pleats or side pleats are the two oldest styles of pleats.  While today we do see customers a bit more interested in the box pleats, there are many wonderful “looks” that can be accomplished with either a shirred pleat or a side pleat.

Silk shirred lampshades are made by loosely gathering or bunching a relatively sheer fabric – sometimes silk, sometimes another type of lightweight fabric.  The most simple shirred silk lampshade is an empire shade with a white shirred fabric.

Image 1 Shirred Silk Shade

But, by selecting unique fabrics, the shirred lampshade can take on a totally different character!  This is a shirred lampshade made with a blue and white fabric for the store by M. Gabaree Lampshades – a wonderful look for a simple bedroom lamp.

Image 2 Shirred Blue and White

And, these small chandelier shades are also created with shirring – but what wonderful fabrics!  And, the addition of a “rouched” trim, gives an even different look!  Of course, shirring can also be applied to different shaped shade frames, as you can see from this small hexagonal chandelier lampshade.

Image 4 MG Pleated Hex Chand Shade Image 3 MG Pleated Chan Shade

Another general type of pleating is the side pleat.  The side pleat is a straight tailored fold, created by doubling the fabric back on itself; the width of each pleat is consistent around the entire lampshade.  In the image below, of an oval drum lampshade, the width of each pleat is relatively small – perhaps ¾”.

Image 5 Side_Pleat_Oval

The side pleating on this silk coolie lampshade are wider – 1.25”.  When a lampshade with side pleats is lit, you will see uniformly separated light and relatively darker areas.

Image 6 Side-Pleat-125[1]

Side pleats can also be applied to lampshades in very creative and wonderful ways.  In this silk hexagonal lampshade, the result is alternating sides of side pleats, and then stretched fabric.

Image 7

Depending upon the fabric selected and the type of pleating used, the result can be a lampshade that uniquely applies a wonderfully finished look to your room!


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Silk Lampshades – Box Pleats, Part 2

We introduced the most “basic” types of box pleats – the simple box pleat, the Euro or English style box pleat, and the open box pleat.  But there are more variations on the theme!

The Rolled Box Pleat is characterized by “softer” folds, as compared to the more “crisper” folds of the standard box pleats styles.  While this type of pleat is not as common today, we still have requests for the pleat when we are replicating a replacement shade for one of our customers.

Image 1 Rolled-Box-Pleat[1]

That same box pleat can be further modified, but applying a “gathered bottom” to the pleat – not the closed box pleat as at the top of the lampshade.

Image 2 Rolled-Box-Pleat-Gather-Bottom[1]

And, taken yet one step further, we can modify the rolled box pleat (top and bottom) by adding a smocking detail at the top and bottom of the lampshade

Image 3 Rolled-Box-Pleat-Smock[1]

Another general type of box pleat is the “Box Drape”.  A drape is created when you apply an overlay, or a “drape”, a second and separate piece of fabric to a standard lampshade.  For example, you can apply a box drape to a stretched imperial empire and create a dramatic effect with shadows!

Image 4 Box-Drape-over-Non-Pleat[1]

Taken one step further, you can add a smocking detail to the drape at the top, the bottom or both top and bottom.

Image 5 Box-Drape-with-Smock[1]

A box pleat drape can also be applied over another pleat, as is the case in this lampshade, featuring a box drape over a Belgian pleat.

Image 6 Box-Drape-over-Belgium-Pleat[2]

And finally, it is not just the box pleats that have variations!  This is an example of an open box pleat with a smocking detail in the middle – a beautiful shade custom made by M. Gabaree Lampshades for our store in Concord.

Image 7 212_MG Smock Pleats