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Featured Project: General Electric Meter Custom Lamp

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We just love our customers, and the truly unique ideas they have for lamps! To commemorate the more than 30 years spent in the electric industry, one of our beloved customers brought in a General Electric meter to serve as the focal point for a custom lamp creation. We added the electric meter to a wooden base, wired it, and added a white linen square drum lampshade. This finished custom lampshade creation now sits in their home, and serves as a conversation starter for those who enter. Hats off to this memorable lamp!

clas_6916-36 clas_6916-37 clas_6916-38

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Custom Lampshade Trims

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We love creating custom designed lampshades for any project. From silks, linens, cottons, and handmade paper finishes in your choice of colors, we have quite the selection! But one thing we wanted to talk specifically about is lampshade trim. A custom-selected lampshade trim can help integrate your lamp into a specific room design, and also give your lamp a bit more personality. We have hundreds of options to choose from to really make a lamp that’s perfect for your room.

The lampshade below features a lovely blue ribbon trim.


Below is a beautiful multi-color cord trim.


We have many different cord, ribbon and beaded options – as well as many other very unique lampshade trims. The options are truly endless, and we can find a trim that works for the aesthetic and mood your room requires. Stop by our store to browse through our selection! Below are a few of our favorite trims we’re loving.

clas_6916-31 clas_6916-32 clas_6916-30 clas_6916-33


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Let’s Get Nautical – It’s Summer!

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I’ve talked about my love affair with the ocean many times on this blog, but every summer my love seems to grow deeper. There isn’t an ocean or body of water that I wouldn’t explore! Now, if you’ve been in the shop, or found us online, you have likely seen the many different nautical lampshades that we offer. We have a number of shades made of nautical maps from popular New England destinations, and we are also happy to create a custom lampshade for you with your desired body of water! We use NOAA charts to create our nautical lampshades.

You can choose one of our designs, or can select your shade style (squares, hexes, pyramids, drums and empires), and show us the specific area of the chart to include on your shade.

The below was a custom design for a client who adores Chesapeake Bay. We found the perfect gold-plated lamp base for this creation, and can see this beauty fitting into a bright and airy summer living space.

Sarah Jayne Photography_0441



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Featured Project: Custom-Made Buoy Lamps

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If you want something turned into a lamp, it can be done! That’s my mantra. The latest custom-made lamp creation is a pair of antique buoys. Our customer, Steve, who runs the delightful blog, An Urban Cottage, brought these into the store and we were eager to get started on them! He faux painted the bases, and we transformed them into lamps and created the custom lampshade. How beautiful is this lamp? No one else in the world has THIS lamp, and that’s the beauty of creating a custom-made lamp.

This lamp is now a piece of art that blends masterfully into this living space, and you can bet people will want to know the story behind it!

The next time you’re at a flea market or antique store and see something you like, ask yourself if it can be crafted into a lamp. Beauty and function – what can get better than that?

Finished lamp

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New at Our Shop: Nicaraguan Carved Wood Lamps


I’m a big fan of ethnic designs and global crafts. If you recall, I recently shared a collection of Portuguese Pottery Lamps I sourced from a trip to Portugal. You can learn a lot from viewing a country’s art and design, and I’m excited to continue to bring new and different ethnic items to the store. The latest group of ethnic designs are from Nicaragua. These Nicaraguan Wood Lamps are hand-carved and come in an array of bold colors. These hand-carved designs feature a nod to the Nicaraguan rain forest and natural wonders.

Globally influenced color, patterns and shapes is a prominent interior design trend in 2016. Pantone’s PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2016 color forecast notes the ethnic colors as one of its four main color themes of 2016. It’s quite amazing to see how an ethnic home accessory can bring any space to life!

CLAS_91715-18  CLAS_91715-24 CLAS_91715-26 CLAS_91715-28

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New at Our Shop: Hand-Painted Portuguese Pottery Lamps


A couple of months ago I shipped off to Portugal for a much needed vacation. Portugal is a beautiful country filled with incredible history, delicious food and a culture that’s unlike any other. Now, I did get a lot of relaxation in, but I also did “some” work. I was able to visit a Portuguese pottery factory and see first-hand how these gorgeous pieces of pottery are made. The process is intricate, and each piece is hand painted. The hand painting alone was a sight to see! I’m excited to share that I have curated a collection of these hand-painted Portuguese pottery pieces and transformed them into beautiful Portuguese pottery lamps. I have a small collection of these in the store. Check out the photos, or even better, stop by and check them out!

CLAS_91715-7 CLAS_91715-8 CLAS_91715-10 CLAS_91715-12 CLAS_91715-14 CLAS_91715-15

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We are Still Boston Strong!

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since the catastrophic Boston Marathon events of 2013. Even though a bit of justice has been served in the sense that Tsarnaev was found guilty on all counts, family and friends will always feel the pain and loss from those tragic events. The strength, support and resilience of the Boston community continues to amaze me. We are just as strong and supportive of each other today as we were two years ago. We are still Boston strong!


Whether you’re in the city watching the Boston Marathon live, viewing from your televisions or even just thinking about the runners, let’s continue to band together and be a city of strength and support. Good luck runners! Let’s see you cross that finish line!

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GIVEAWAY: Red Sox Baseball Lamp

We’ve been waiting patiently all winter for the official kickoff of spring and summer…opening day at Fenway Park! Today they take on the Washington Nationals in their first home game of the season, and we couldn’t be more excited! To celebrate, we’re giving our Facebook community the chance to win our very own Red Sox Baseball Lamp! Hop on over to our Facebook page for the chance to win.

Red Sox giveaway


The lamp was designed and made at our store in Concord, MA using MLB baseballs with the Red Sox logo. The base of the lamp is made of ash (the same wood used to make many major league bats) and is milled locally into the shape of home plate (available in either painted white or clear ash).

Perhaps the most notable feature is the lampshade’s original artwork created by a local artist, Jack Skinner. The lampshade illustrates a game at Fenway Park between the Red Sox and the evil empire (aka the Yankees). In this game, the scoreboard in left field shows the Red Sox leading 9-0, and the empire has one error. Wally is in the left field stands, your favorite icons are in their proper places in and around the park, and the fans in the back of the stadium are wearing Red Sox team jerseys from the 2009-2011 teams.

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Friday Fill: A Lamp of Lemons

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Novelty Lamp-1-2

Over the years we’ve seen customers create many memorable and creative gifts with our novelty fillable glass lamps. We “filled” you in on a few of these ideas in a previous blog post. We thought it would be fun to bring to life a new series on the blog called “Friday Fill”, centered around the myriad gift ideas surrounding this lovely lamp. One Friday a month, we’ll craft a new gift idea and share it with you. Each idea will be seasonal in nature and hopefully give you the perfect gift idea for upcoming occasions.

Novelty Lamp-3

While it’s not quite spring in New England, many folks are thinking about their spring break vacations. We understand that not everyone is able to fly down to Florida or Mexico for a break, so we thought it would be a great idea to build a gift around a spring break cocktail! This could be a great gift idea for any birthday, or even a great “just because” gift to add a bit of cheer to someone’s life.

Novelty Lamp-1-3

The best part is this gift is pretty simple to assemble. Simply fill one of our smaller fillable glass lamps with lemons. Pair the filled lamp with a set of Moscow mule glasses and a cocktail recipe book. To take it a step further, recommend a recipe that you think they’ll enjoy. Below is a recipe we think you’ll love. Cheers, and happy gifting!

Lemon and Basil Mojito  

• Sprig of basil
• Sprig of mint
• 1 teaspoon raw sugar or agave nectar
• 1½ ounces clear rum
• Squeeze of fresh lemon
• Club soda or seltzer

In a sturdy glass, muddle fresh basil and mint leaves with sugar. Add rum and lemon juice. Fill the glass, top it off with club soda and stir it with a spoon.

Novelty Lamp-2



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Think Spring: Red Sox Baseball Table Lamp

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It might be brutally cold in New England this morning, but if you can believe it, our beloved Boston Red Sox are down in sunny Florida training for the 2015 MLB season. We’re slightly jealous and dreaming of those warmer days when they return to Fenway. Until then, the scene on the Red Sox Baseball Table Lamp shade is taking us away to a warm day at the park!

The Red Sox Baseball Table Lamp is designed and made at our shop in Concord and constructed with three stacked major league baseballs. The base of the lamp is milled in the shape of home plate and made using ash (available in either painted white or clear ash).  Ash is the wood used to make many of the major league bats. The lamp shade features original artwork, by a local artist, Jack Skinner of a game at Fenway Park between the Red Sox and the “evil empire” (aka the Yankees). In this game, the score board in left field shows the Red Sox leading 9-0, and the “empire” has one error!  Wally is in the left field stands, your favorite icons are in their proper places in and around the park, and the fans sitting in the back of the stadium are wearing Red Sox team jerseys from recent teams, including the series MVP, Big Papi, David Ortiz.

We hope this lamp helps warm your hearts and minds as we head into spring. Fourteen more days to go! We are over-the-moon excited!


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GIVEAWAY – New England Football Lamp

New England is buzzing with excitement for the Super Bowl, as our very own New England Patriots head to the big game on February 1. To celebrate, we’re giving away one of our New England Football Lamps! New England fans love this lamp, and it can really be a nice addition on game day (and every day after!).

To enter to win, head over to our Facebook page and comment with why you’re the biggest Patriots fan. Winners will be announced on January 30. Good luck!

Patriots Football Lamp


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Behind the Scenes: Creating a Bottle Lamp

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On Monday we shared some beautiful photos of some of our prized (and loved!) bottle Lamps that are handmade in house. Today we wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look at how these are made in our store.

Step 1: Drill, drill, drill! 

Bottle and Drill

As you can see, our industrial drilling device creates a central hole that will fit the electrical rod perfectly.

bottle being drilled

drilled bottle

Step 2: Insert the rod into the hole. This rod will house the electrical chord.

Bottle with rod

Step 3: The final stage is to connect the bottle to the base. The chord will filter down through the base. At this point we are ready for the lighting components – the socket fixtures, underwriter’s knot, harp pieces, and all of that good stuff!

We have so much fun creating these, and love seeing the array of bottles that arrive in our shop ready to be made into a lamp. These are great conversation pieces for a living room or office.

three stages undrilled, drilled, drilled with rod