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This & That: Uttermost Flowing Fern Green Table Lamp


This week is a special week for the Irish. And since Boston has one of the largest communities in the country, it’s an especially happy week here. Welcome to the week of Saint Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, we’re thinking green, and will be sharing some of our favorite green lamps and interiors. A green palette fits well into the current botanical trend sweeping the interior design space. Specifically, the fern has been the center for design inspiration. From botanical printed fabric to simply showcasing a number of plants in a home, flora, fern and all that falls in between is here to stay. Uttermost, one of our beloved lighting manufacturers, carries a number of table lamps that fit this theme, but one of our favorites is the Uttermost Flowing Fern Green Table Lamp. The crackled lime green glaze with brushed nickel details can be a beautiful addition to a bright sunroom, or in an earthy living room. Pair the Flowing Fern lamp with the Rope Lace Tiara Chair to create a bohemian and relaxed feel.

Below is another example of how you can incorporate botanicals into an interior space. This was designed by May Interiors. Green can also be tied with bright tropical colors, and blues, to create a bright, funky space.

Sarah Jayne Photography_0396

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We’re Loving: Wire Furnishings and the Furlong Table Lamp

Scandinavian minimalism is another hot trend in the interior design space, especially when it comes to urban living spaces. We’ve seen a surge of white walls and simple uses of metals such as iron and copper. The Furlong Table Lamp by Currey & Company fits into this trend nicely. The Furlong Table Lamp has a textured Molé Black finish that canvases the wrought iron frame. Its cage-like frame comes with an off-white lampshade. Table lamps aren’t the only lighting type carrying the wire look. The Percy Chandelier by Currey & Company is another example.

Uttermost Furlong Table Lamp

We’re also seeing many other wire furnishings. Wire chairs are all over Pinterest, and this is going to be the next mainstream trend. Below is a space designed by Studio Esinam. We created a new Pinterest board devoted to wire furnishings – follow along to see what we uncover! - 2

Photo credit: Studio Esinam


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This & That: Visual Comfort Moravian Star Pendant


If you want an eye-catching pendant, the Visual Comfort E.F. Chapman Moravian Star pendant is it. The star pendant’s shape and mirrored finish certainly aligns with the ongoing Moroccan interior design craze, but in fact, this Visual Comfort pendant can stand out in many different styled rooms. I can see this pendant hanging in a clean, white foyer, with pops of reds and oranges, and the Crate & Barrel Bessie Wool rug – pictured above – on the floor. I’ve also seen this lovely lighting fixture hanging in a rustic lodge and an oriental jungle oasis. It’s quite diverse, and a unique addition to any home.

The Visual Comfort Moravian Star pendant comes in several finishes including Aged Iron, Burnished Silver Leaf, and Gilded Iron, and there are three different sizes. Below is a foyer designed by May Interiors featuring the Moravian Star pendant in Aged Iron.

Visual Comfort Moravian Star

Below is a closeup of the Moravian Star pendant hanging in our Concord location. This is finished in Gilded Iron. Beautiful, right? If you’re interested in ordering one of these beauties, be sure to get in touch here.





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We’re Loving: Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year


This is the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, of course it’s the holiday season, but it’s also the time when Pantone announces their annual color of the year! Well. the news is in, and this year they have selected not one, but TWO colors – Rose Quartz and Serenity! How beautiful are these two shades?

Here’s the rationale for the color selection as explained by Pantone: “As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent. Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.

The prevalent combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity also challenges traditional perceptions of color association.

In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.”

The colors are not only visually appealing, but also emotionally fulfilling, and we’re excited to see all the ways these colors come to life in the new year!

Image: Pantone

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Next Stop, Portugal!

It’s been crazy at the store, and I’m beyond grateful for all of the new customers I’m seeing each week! As much as I would love to keep working (and believe me, there is a lot to do!), it’s time to take a much needed vacation with my family…in Portugal! I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the culture, food and architecture, and can’t wait to tell you about my trip when I return. Until then, I’m leaving you with this Portuguese home, ever-so chicly designed. This summer home located is located in Martinho do Porto in Portugal and decorated by Vera Iachi. The use of a neutral palette and wood texture creates a natural and serene environment, and I love the pops of Mediterranean color.

Portuguese interior design

Portuguese interior design4

Portuguese interior design5

Portuguese interior design3

Portuguese interior design2



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This & That: New Canaan Wall Sconce and Chess Vanity Mirror

We’re always talking about how much we love to see wall sconces in bathrooms because of the way they illuminate your face when you’re getting ready for the day. Remember, if you only have a light above your vanity, you’ll see stark shadows on your face! In today’s This & That, we’re honing in on one of our favorite wall sconce as of late – the New Canaan Wall Sconce by Hudson Valley. Brass is seeing a revival, and this brass wall sconce can add a beautiful touch of brass to any bathroom, while adding an industrial, vintage look. Pair a set of these brass wall sconces with this Chess Vanity Mirror from Wayfair, and you have yourself a lovely brass and black combination – another hot interior design trend! The New Canaan Wall Sconce is also available in old bronze, polished nickel and antique nickel, but our favorite metallic is definitely the brass!

This and That - April 10

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Cool Ceilings for Your Light Fixtures

Okay, so by now you know that we’re mildly obsessed with lamps, shades and all-things lighting. But as of late, we’ve been gushing over the extravagant ceiling designs we’ve seen in some of our favorite interior design magazines. It’s true – sometimes the ceiling is neglected and left rather blasé. A beautiful, ornate chandelier or pendant can indeed bring the ceiling to life, but instead of having only the cool light, go for the decadent ceiling AND out-of-this-world lamp. Below are some of our favorite ceiling designs we’ve seen from around the world!

Inlaid Wood
This Spanish Colonial-influenced California home features hand-painted inlaid wood. Guests can look up and see a beautiful work of art, paired with a modern hanging candelabra.

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This & That – Eventide Chandelier and Coral Area Rug

We’ve been thinking a lot about the ocean and the sweet warmth of summer as we continue to get walloped by snow storm after snow storm. Whenever I’m walking on the beach, I love finding little pieces of coral. Coral is a beautiful structure found in nature, and no coral piece is ever the same! We see a number of our lighting manufacturers using natural elements as inspiration for their lamps and lighting fixtures, and coral is definitely one muse we’re seeing time and time again, making this the centerpiece of today’s This and That! The Currey & Company Eventide Chandelier is crafted from wrought iron and with a textured white coral finish. The chandelier’s design permits light to cast through the different crevices, creating a beautiful glow for a any coastal-inspired room.  This delicate coastal lighting chandelier can be paired beautifully with this blue and white coral area rug.

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This & That: Broxton Rectangular Chandelier



We’ve had a shortage of snow in New England this past December, compared to typical averages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, but it was a bit strange to go through December with little snow on the ground. But January is here, and in New England, this is when the snow starts falling in abundance. This is also the time when folks start heading up to the mountains to go skiing and spend time in their ski houses. Rustic lighting is always a safe bet when looking to lift the mood of a mountain cabin, and the Broxton Rectangluar Chandelier can really dazzle in a cozy space. The orb shaped design is a bit vintage in style, and the steely Pyrite Bronze makes this lighting fixture a sight to see. I think the Broxton light fixture goes nicely with a cow hide texture, and together can really liven up a room!

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Trend Spotting: Pottery Vase Lamps

Pottery Vases Lamps

In skimming Elle Décor this morning, we spotted these beautiful tri-colored pottery vases turned into stunning night stand lamps. The particular lamps are circa-1880 pottery vases crafted by Christopher Dresser, but you can easily create your own vase lamps right here at the shop.

We’ve seen all sorts of vases, jars, jugs and bottles – even old fire hose! – coming through these doors, and we love taking these heirlooms and turning into functional pieces for the home.

Image: Elle Decor

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The Rise of Gray – And What Lighting Has To Do With It

Gray interior design

There is a wide world of color, and we’re always bracing for the next best hue. This year we saw Pantone announce Radiant Orchid as the color of the year. This was certainly a bold move, and some weren’t too thrilled with the decision, but we’ve found that this color comes to life beautifully in the interior space. While these bold colors come and go with the trends, there is one color that we’ve seen sticking around as of late – gray.

Gray has made its mark in the beauty, fashion and interior worlds. This color is everywhere! We’ve definitely seen a surge of homeowners incorporating this neutral into their homes, and we’re loving every second of it.

One thought as to why this trend is really come to life in the interior space is because of the shift from incandescent bulbs to LEDs. LEDs produce a cleaner, brighter light, and thus the way colors aren’t muddied up by the harsh illumination of the other bulbs. This allows designers and homeowners to be more comfortable incorporating this neutral into the homes they’re designing!

So there you have it – while lighting design can really impact the mood of the home, you should also look at the type of light you’re using. It can impact how the colors in your space appear!

Photo :: Twine Interiors

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We’re Loving: Easter Décor

We’re less than two weeks away from Easter, and many of our shoppers are doing a bit of spring cleaning, getting their homes ready for their Easter brunches – repairing lampshades, refreshing the living and dining rooms with new decor, etc. Spring is such an exciting time since we get to dust off those dark days of winter, and I think it’s a great time to go the extra mile to bring some artful seasonal elements to the home. Below are a few that we’re loving at the moment. Happy Spring!

Artfully Decorated Easter Eggs
Easter eggs
Bunny Napkins

BUnny napkins

Easter Wreaths
Easter wreath

Spring florals as centerpieces

Floral arrangements

Mantel Displays
Easter mantel