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Lighting up Rome!

I had an opportunity to travel to Italy – Rome and Florence – on a “Wellness Trip” with 6 other wonderful women.  With the exception of our transportation to and from the airports – we walked Rome and Florence.   What a fabulous experience – from the Roman ruins to the Vatican to the food markets in Rome, we walked and walked and walked!!!  And, then onto Florence – but more about that later next week.

Not surprisingly, I was very interested in seeing how the “lights of Rome” might be different from what we see here in Boston and the US.   So, on power walks through the city, I had time to peek into a number of small shops, and while we wined and dined on the most awesome Italian food, my eyes traveled to the lighting used to create the ambiance …which of course, made the food taste even better!

One of the things I observed was the large number of lamps and lighting fixtures made with glass – often Venetian glass….and frequently designed with vivid colors.  This chandelier graced the little restaurant in our hotel.

Image 1

Some of those vividly designed blown glass table lamps were dressed with perfectly sized and colored lampshades……

Image 3 Image 2

And, speaking of lampshades, we found a little shop that created a number of whimsical lampshades such as this one for a table lamp,

Image 4

And these lampshades used as pendants……

Image 5

Pendants are one of the most popular types of lighting we found in Rome.  These pendants hung in a fabulous little restaurant near the Vatican that served the best pizza!!!

Image 6

After three days in Rome, we headed to the train station and onto Florence, or Firenze…. More about that next week!


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Crystal vs. Glassblown Lamps

Crystal is a timeless material and has been a commodity in the interior space for hundreds – if not thousands! – of years but this colorless and transparent material is quickly taking center stage in the design world because of its natural feel.

This October we saw famed jeweler James de Givenchy transform vintage Baccarat vases into breathtaking crystal lamps as part of a new Heritage collection. These lamps are stunning and can bring such a clean, sophisticated look to any room. But crystal, of course, comes with a price tag so you’ll be looking at more than $1,000 for one of these lamps.


While crystal has an almost regal feel to it, glassblown lamps are more accessible – and affordable – and I think they are simply fabulous, especially those from designer Simon Pearce. These sleek, elegant lamps are made in New England and can really be applied in any room – all you need to do is find the right shade for your look and feel!


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White Lamps for the Summer

White is THE color for the summer season! But come Labor Day we need to store this colorless hue away for the cold winter. The good news for interiors is that white knows no season. White speaks to clean, simple sophistication, and lamps are no exception. White lamps, with their simple elegance, can soften any room’s decor. Add a white lamp to an all-white room and create a tranquil environment. Incorporate it into a black and white bedroom design and portray a super chic space.

Currey and Company Timeless Table Lamp in White

Currey and Company Timeless Table Lamp In White

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We’re Loving: Wood Lamps

Bringing organic and natural elements into the home’s interior is one of the hot trends for 2013, and as of late we’ve been admiring the different lamp bodies made of  wood or inspired by wood. Infusing wood elements into the home is rooted in the Scandinavian design aesthetic and it tends to add a pureness to your decor.

Wood lamp collage

The Lamp Works Twig Table Lamp is a perfect example of this trend coming to life in the lamp world. Like nature, this lamp is not uniform or symmetrical and it really embodies the varying sizes and lengths of twigs found in the woods.

The Currey & Co Carling Pendant lam

The Currey & Co Carling Pendant lamp is another spectacular display of nature for the interiors. The curved wood slats form the eggshell shape of this pendant lamp and it can be breathtaking in either an office or in the kitchen over a bar space, or an entryway.

Visual Comfort Chandelier in Antique Gilded Wood

While the previous lamps mentioned are certainly organic and mirror nature, there are also wood lamps that are a bit more ornate. The Visual Comfort Studio 8 Light Chandelier in Antique Gilded Wood mixes nature with elegance to bring a chandelier that can standout as the centerpiece in a dining room. Talk about a conversation starter!

Of course the options are endless when it comes to wood lamps. I’m sure we’ll see more arrive in the shop soon, and when we do we’ll certainly keep you posted!