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Octagonal Lampshades

Octagonal lampshades form an often useful “bridge” between your round empire or bell lampshade to a “shape”.  With eight unique sides – sometimes of equal size, sometimes 2 sets of 4 sides the same – the octagonal lampshade offers “softer” edges or corners than the hexagonal or square / rectangular lampshades.

We will most often suggest an octagonal lampshade in one of two situations.  The first is when presented with a lamp that has been dressed with a cylindrical lampshade for the last 40-50 years, and our customer wants to make a change, or “update” the look ….. sort of – but is so used to looking at the long cylinder they might not want to make a dramatic change!  In that instance, I will often offer as an option the “Fancy Octagon” lampshade.

Image 1 Fancy Octagon - Silk-1

The Fancy Octagon is available only as a silk lampshade and only in the larger sizes – 14” and above.  This lampshade is relatively long for its size (eg, an 18” shade is 15.5” long, whereas you standard 18” empire lampshade is 13” tall), and also offers a slightly belled shape.  It can look very nice on some of the old and wonderful brass Stiffel lamps we see in the store looking for a new lampshade.

A close rendition of the Fancy Octagon is the Modified Fancy Octagon.  The dimensions of the modified FO are much closer to the standard dimensions of the empires or bells in a similar size.  Further, the bell shape of the modified FO is more exaggerated than is the case with the Fancy Octagon.

Image 2 Modified Fancy Octagon - Silk1

Another octagonal lampshade we keep in stock – particularly in the larger sizes – is the Octagonal Coolie lampshade.  The Octagonal Coolie is a wonderful lampshade to use on a large round oriental style ceramic.  It is often a more interesting choice than the coolie lampshade – but still offers the general short and wide shape characteristic of the coolie style.

Image 3 Octagonal Coolie - Silk1

Yet another style of the octagonal lampshade is the straight sided octagon.  Pictured below on a tall blue and white oriental lamp, this custom made and trimmed deep octagon lampshade is a perfect complement to this very interesting lamp!

Image 4 Tall Octagon with Straight Sides

Some of our customers enjoy silk lampshades that offer a “gallery” feature – the straight banding or detail at the bottom of a lampshade, following the shape of the lamp, but set off by a wire and piping or other special trim treatments.  Pictured below is a round top outscallop octagonal bottom lampshade with a gallery.

Image 5 Silk Round Top Outscallop Octagon Bottom w Gallery1


The octagon lampshades provide just another opportunity to set off your lamp in a special way!

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Before and After: Antique Milk Jugs Made into Lamps

Our customers are always walking their precious antique finds through our doors. After all, there is something so nostalgic about these relics of the past, and that aged and weathered look can complement a modern decor setting.

A few weeks ago we saw these unique milk jugs come through with Asian artwork. The customer wanted us to transform them into table lamps – from the electrical to the final shade – while maintaining the integrity of the antique.






Miljugs3 Milkjuglamps

These turned out lovely and think these are going to be quite the conversation starter in this home. While these milk jugs are free of milk, they will provide function once again by casting great light.

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Our Sizzlin’ Saturday in Concord

On Saturday Concord’s Chamber of Commerce hosted the annual Sizzlin’ Summer Sidewalk Sale where Concord-based businesses flaunted their discounted wares and event-goers enjoyed an array of activities including scavenger hunts, balloon animals, musical performances, juggling acts and wine tastings.


The Red Lady was representing Concord Lamp and Shade and welcomed people to our tables where we featured our custom-made Casafina lamps, and other sale items. It was so much fun to chat with Concord residents as well as visitors who came into town to enjoy the beautiful day in Concord.



Even though we were working throughout the day, we loved hearing the live music fill the street – some great throwback tunes! – and we couldn’t keep our hands off the delicious Trail’s End Cafe cookies. What a treat!


Thanks to everyone for making this day a huge success – we’ll see you next year!