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Fillable Glass Lamps


Fillable lamps

Clear glass vases are used frequently in interior décor to add a personalized touch to a room. Adding whole oranges or lemons to a vase is a very common way to liven up a dining room or kitchen, and during the holidays you can even add red and green ornaments to create instant living room décor.

Fillable lamps2

This same idea can be executed with a fillable glass lamp. There are several different sizes and shapes to consider – from elongated cylinders to a gourd jar – and of course there are an infinite number of possibilities for what you can put inside these glass beauties.

Below are five ideas to get you started:

  1. College “Survival” Kit – This is perhaps the most timely idea as some of our customers are sending their kids away to their first year of college. A great farewell gift for your kids – or a close family member or friend – is to add quintessential college “must-haves” to a fillable glass lamp. Currently we have one lamp on display containing aspirin, Red Bull, pens, pencils and other goodies. A college-bound kid will be able to use the lamp for the dorm and also use the other essentials throughout the year.
  2. Memories from the Beach – We often collect sand and shells from vacations and seldom incorporate these memories into our home décor. These fillable lamps are a great way to showcase your beach finds and this sand-and-shell-filled lamp can be a great addition to a beach house or nautical-inspired room.
  3. Seasonal Décor – With the change of seasons it’s always a great idea to change the mood of a home. With fillable lamps, you can switch out the fill of the lamp with the start of each new season or holiday. Mini pumpkins or a bouquet of orange, red and yellow leaves can be great for the fall. For the holidays, fill the inside of the lamp with ornaments or even pinecones and red berries. For the spring dried flowers can add a fresh look to the living room. And as mentioned above, sand and shells are the way to go for the summertime.
  4. Baby Shower Gift Set – One great idea I saw recently was using these lamps to create a personalized baby shower gift. You can buy small items off the registry to put inside a fillable lamp, or even stuff each lamp with a few newborn outfits. The new parents will be able to use the lamp for the nursery and the clothes for when the newborn arrives!
  5. A Gift for the Newlyweds – A wedding is the start of many bottles of a wine a couple will share with each other over the course of their lifetimes. By gifting a fillable lamp to a newlywed, they can start to collect the corks from bottles of wine they share with friends and family over the years. Over time this lamp will fill and it will represent the many memories they’ve shared. We’ve seen couples write the date on the cork noting when the bottle was enjoyed, and this only adds to great joy of collecting these corks in this fashion.