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Behind the Scenes: Creating a Bottle Lamp

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On Monday we shared some beautiful photos of some of our prized (and loved!) bottle Lamps that are handmade in house. Today we wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look at how these are made in our store.

Step 1: Drill, drill, drill! 

Bottle and Drill

As you can see, our industrial drilling device creates a central hole that will fit the electrical rod perfectly.

bottle being drilled

drilled bottle

Step 2: Insert the rod into the hole. This rod will house the electrical chord.

Bottle with rod

Step 3: The final stage is to connect the bottle to the base. The chord will filter down through the base. At this point we are ready for the lighting components – the socket fixtures, underwriter’s knot, harp pieces, and all of that good stuff!

We have so much fun creating these, and love seeing the array of bottles that arrive in our shop ready to be made into a lamp. These are great conversation pieces for a living room or office.

three stages undrilled, drilled, drilled with rod